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Pentax 10x50 PCF WP II First Impressions

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#1 Michael Rapp

Michael Rapp


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Posted 24 December 2012 - 07:40 PM

Got to open my binoculars tonight and through some hazy and quasi-cloudy skies, here are my first impressions:

The build quality is very good in my limited experience. The rubber skin does have a little "sticky" feel to it. Not sure why, probably left over from the manufacturing process. Definately something I will need to keep away from Deet, which was the downfall of my previous set of binoculars.

My first surprise was how close I had to get the barrels to see a single circular field of view. I guess my pupils are just closer together than normal! I am quite pleased with this as with my Vista 7x50s, I never could get the inter-pupil distance close enough.

To my surprise, I have to have the eyecups all the way down to comfortably see the entire field of view (I do not wear glasses). I was not expecting this at all. Not a problem by any means, just very unexpected.

I love the focus lock. :)

How is the view? Sharp to my eyes! In fact, I can get the stars sharper in the main field of view than I can in my old Vistas. It does start to degrade a bit near the extreme edges, but you have to force yourself to see it. It is not something I will notice is normal usage.

The moon shows less false color than my Vistas, which surprised me as well. It's also spectacularly sharp.

So, let's see.....I got sharper binoculares with a smaller exit pupil and a good field of view that are not held together by electrical tape all for $149.20 shipped. I think I did good on this one. :)

I should have a clear, albeit very cold and moonlit night on Wednesday. I'll report back. I measured my limiting magnitude on a full moon night with my 7x50s to be 6.5. I wonder if I might be able to go a hair deeper on Wednesday. We'll see!

#2 Don Taylor

Don Taylor

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Posted 24 December 2012 - 09:06 PM

Congratulations! I would expect you will have lots of fun with them for many years. I have the Pentax 20x60 binocular and it's a good performer and appears well-built. The very narrow FOV make them rather specialized, unlike your 10 x 50s. I'm considering the Pentax 10 x 50s as a complement to the 20x60s so please give us your viewing impressions once you have more opportunities to use them.


#3 BobinKy



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Posted 24 December 2012 - 09:47 PM


I enjoyed your first impressions with your Pentax 10x50 PCF WP II. I also enjoyed looking at the sketches and images on your website. Thank you for sharing.

#4 Binojunky



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Posted 25 December 2012 - 12:12 PM


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