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GE mount help

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#1 drzeus


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Posted 26 December 2012 - 07:08 AM

Hi folks. Happy Christmas to all (or happy festive season, depending which way you are inclined).

Can you help me help a keen young man avoid complete disappointment?

He was given an old Bushnell 565, as shown here in fact

He brought it along Christmas eve to a family do and we hoped to be able to see some things with it. I confess to having practically forgotten most of what I ever knew about EQ mounts (I own an 8" Dob). Plus I went without torch, tools etc. so it was rather a case of fumbling about in the dark trying to see what was what.

The scope has several problems:
a screw is missing on the finderscope, so it's impossible to align and set (can fix that i'm sure in daytime);

one of the plastic accessory tray clips broke while he was trying to make the legs of the triopod steady;

Most importantly, when you lock all knobs, the play is so bad around the larger of the two setting circles (the vertically oriented one in the last photo shown on the listing in the link), the one I assume is for RA (?). As you can imagine it is impossible to align correctly for anything. Needless to say he hasn't seen a lot.

So can I check that I have got it right in my head what we need to do in daylight so we can get somewhere?

Basically, we need to set our latitude somwhere on some part of the tripod head? In the dark I did not see it.

I can do that, and the other alignment adjustments. What I don't know is should there be any play at all anywhere when locked? (Of course there shouldnt be, right?) Is there a chance something could be missing? The poor lad had no instructions, the scope was in sections (parts even). The only pdf I have found is for a clearly more recent version (and honestly, you'd need to already be familiar with the stuff to be able to even set it up, they are really poor if you are a real newbie). So we have no idea even if it is all there. I can't imagine that section of the head actually being composed of parts, but I really wouldn't know.

It certainly isn't the best scope, altho the lens does at least seem to be glass. Not sure about the eyepieces, but I think prob plastic judging by the lack of weight; and I think prob 0.96". It's no long-term user for sure, but just to get to see something would be good. He said to me about getting a new mount but I think his money would be spent better on a newer budget scope setup. Or find a cheap/free mount if this one is truly shot.

Any advice is real welcome, just to get this thing to a workable state.

Thanks folks for your time.

#2 orlyandico


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Posted 26 December 2012 - 07:34 AM

might be better to construct a wood mount -

#3 drzeus


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Posted 26 December 2012 - 08:43 AM

Thank you, I might well look into doing that, altho what I make could turn out just as wobbly as what he has LOL.
It's a bit of a nightmare really. I tried to align the finder and scope using the lights on a distant hill. But it was difficult to get the tube itself into a position where the counterweight was free from the tripod legs. The legs weren't even fully opened because he had set it up on the balcony and fully opening it would have taken the scope centre well under the projecting balcony above. Trials and tribulations of city viewing! The counterweight seemed to be fixed at the end of the rod and not moveable along the rod as I had expected. The slow motion controls were in such strange positions too.

I think even spending 100 euros to get the simplest Skywatcher with mount would probably be a major improvement :-( Just reminds the one thing I had in my head growing up, stated by the late and much-loved Sir Patrick Moore, nothing is worth buying under 3" and anything at 3" or more worth buying isn't affordable. That is what he said up until Skywatcher and cheaper China optics appeared on the market. Which is why I dreaded every Christmas as a kid, hoping my parents wouldn't get me a budget scope!

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