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Attention Orion EON owners please

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#1 astroricardo


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Posted 03 January 2013 - 09:45 PM

Or any rotating focuser people...

I've had my EON for under a year and only recently tried to rotate the focuser. I haven't been able to get the silver knurled ring lose to even attempt it. I've tried it in warm weather, cold weather, with gloves and I was even thinking of using one of those strap wrenches to attempt to loosen it. I've called Orion and they said I could send it back but I was unclear as to whether they are going to replace it, fix it, or whatever... point being I really like it and would rather not go through the trouble of sending it back. As much as I don't think I would even rotate it, I don't want to have a problem down the line if I decide to sell it. As much as I love it though, who wouldn't want to have used it for almost a year and get something else...

Anyways, any ideas how to loosen it? I did see on another thread about focusers about heating it up with a propane torch, but I don't think I'll go that far. Any suggestions would be appreciated otherwise I'll be sending it to Orion on Monday.

#2 richsvt


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Posted 03 January 2013 - 09:51 PM

I have had my EON 120 for under a year and have had no problem rotating the focuser. It was a little tight when I first used it, but after the first time rotating it, have had no other problems.

Please don't take a torch to these wonderful scopes.

#3 mgwhittle


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Posted 03 January 2013 - 11:04 PM

Try a strap wrench before you send it back. They work great on things like this and they are relatively cheap (less than $10). My EON's ring was pretty tight the first time I tried to turn it, but I was able to do it by hand.

#4 panhard


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Posted 03 January 2013 - 11:13 PM

If you can't turn it after trying the strap wrench. Just send it back.

#5 Grandpa Jim

Grandpa Jim

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 01:03 AM

Another suggestion (and this is just "spit balling" here), but try with minimal pressure turning it opposite of the orientation you "think" it should go..........there are right-hand and left-hand threads and sometimes..........probably not the case here, but it's worth a shot.

#6 astroricardo


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Posted 04 January 2013 - 07:23 AM

try with minimal pressure turning it opposite of the orientation you "think" it should go

I did try this, but it's clearly marked on the OTA which way is supposed to lock it and unlock it. I also asked the question to Orion over the phone. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

#7 George Methvin

George Methvin


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Posted 04 January 2013 - 09:23 AM

Sorry you are having this problem. I have had my EON for about two year and had no problem rotating the focuser. Hope every thing works out for you.

#8 Doug Culbertson

Doug Culbertson

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 09:52 AM

I have no trouble rotating the focuser on my EON 120. I did find that I have to turn the knurled knob clockwise very little in order to allow the focuser to rotate. I went back and forth until I found the right spot to allow me to rotate the focuser with just a little pressure, thus allowing me to rotate it as needed without having to touch the knurled knob each time.

#9 BarrySimon615


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Posted 04 January 2013 - 10:20 AM

We have an EON 120 which will be the Grand Prize at our next Deep South Regional StarGaze. In checking it out I found that while I had no trouble loosening the "chrome ring", it was awfully noisy due to the threads within being metal on metal. A very grating noise sure to be disturbing at star parties. The metal on metal attachment almost assures that use can create some galling between these opposing parts resulting in stuck parts such as what you see. Yours was likely overtightened when built so you have to take extra steps to break the bond and then make fixes to assure that it does not happen again As a fix I totally detached the focuser including the chrome ring and then lightly lubricated the offending threads (male side on the black anodized interface which remains on the telescope tube and female threads on the inside of the chrome ring)with Sil-Glyde, which is a lubricating compound made by AGS. It has a very wide temperature working range (-20 to +400 F). It is a silicone based product and I have used it for all manner of telescope related products. It is harmless to rubber. I have never had a problem with it.

To get the focuser off, and you do have to loosen the chrome ring to do that, the key is to apply even and steady pressure. It seems you have already tried this. To get even and steady pressure on the tube and focuser I would suggest that this should be a two man operation. So far if it is just you it is very hard to have pressure evenly applied around the circumference of the scope on the rings. Get a second person holding the tube steady with his or her hands around the tube. Using both of your hands and steady pressure, try to loosen the focuser (do not put pressure on the pinion shaft as you may damage that). Unscrew counter-clockwise, as viewed from the rear. If that does not work, try again after applying heat to the chrome ring, via a hair dryer. This should work.

The rotating focuser on the EON basically works the same way as does the focusing adjustment on many finder scopes - i.e. - threaded ring goes onto the threaded front end of a finder tube followed by a threaded cell holding the objective. When the two are brought together, they lock together at that point and uneven pressure prevents turning of both together on the threads.

Another possible way to skin the cat: You will notice a recessed allen screw on the focuser, bottom side, very near the chrome ring. If you loosen this the focuser (black part) will not "fall off". What this screw does is it fixes an internal tube with what looks like a pressure plate in place. As viewed from the front this part has two spanner holes and it can be loosened with an appropriate tool. However if the problem is this plate jammed against the chrome ring or the part the chrome ring screws on to, loosening the allen screw should allow you to unscrew the focuser pressure plate by turning the focuser body counter-clockwise. That could relieve some pressure between the chrome ring and interface part on the telescope tube, allowing you to unscrew that part too.

I would apply Sil-Glyde (or something equivalent) to the threads. It will give everything a nice hydraulic feel, prevent galling and jamming such as what you are seeing, and make focuser rotation noiseless.

Best of luck!

Barry Simon

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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