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APM Apo Delivery Plan for the Year 2013

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 03:07 PM

APM manufacture the worlds largest range of Apochromatic Refractor Telescopes. Our partners have included Massimo Ricarrdi and the late Thomas M Back (Lens Designs), LZOS, (Lens Manufacture), Matthias Wirth (Tube Designs) and Starlight Instruments (Focusers) to name but a few of the Astronomical communities best who contribute to what makes APM telescopes such superb instruments.

APM Telescopes of Germany have a reputation for quality. We manufacture the largest and best quality range of Apochromatic Refractor telescopes in the world. These range from the the ultimate travelling APO, our 80-480, to the worlds largest Apochromatic refractor, the peerless 510-6500. We also offer custom made specialist reflector telescopes and a range of outstanding accessories to help you get the most from your telescope

APM stands not only for superb quality but also for consistency. All our scopes are aligned and star tested before leaving our facility in Germany. Each of our made to order LZOS apochromats are supplied with an individual optical test report confirming their optical performance is a minimum 95% Strehl. This is normally exceeded.

Apochromatic refractor telescopes are recognised as the ultimate telescopes for imaging and planetary observing. This is due to the sharpness, colour and contrast range they exhibit. Something no ordinary reflector telescope can offer. With an APM refractor you can get the very best Apochromatic Refractor experience available.

APM Telescopes are used worldwide by many professional and educational institutions because of our reputation for outstanding quality. If you want the very best view of the universe choose APM, its the professional choice.

Upfront Info:
- we sell Apo Lenses in cell, we supply technical drawings for the cell, so you can build your own tube
- we sell our Apo's with various configurations of tubes, ask for details by email or check our webside
- all APM/LZOS and APM/LOMO Apo Lenses made in Russia by LZOS or LOMO with Russian OK-4 SD Glas

Actuall Stock in Germany

- 2 pc 10 year anniversary 100 mm F/8 with minimum 98 % strehl, triplet SuperED Apo
- 3 pc new APM/LZOS 152 mm F/1200 Douplet SuperED Apo
- 5 pc APM/LOMO triplet Super Apo 80/480
- 5 pc APM 107/700 OTA with 3" focuser ( OHARA FPL 53 Glas)

Apo Sizes and delivery times:
- APM/LOMO Triplet 80 mm F/6 (OK-4) > 2 weeks
- APM/LZOS Triplet 100 mm F/8 (OK-4) > 2 weeks
- APM/LZOS Triplet 105 mm F/6.2 (OK-4) > September 2013
- APM/China Triplet 107 mm F/6.5 (FPL53) > in Stock
- APM/LZOS Triplet 115 mm F/7 ( OK-4) > December 2013
- APM/LZOS Triplet 123 mm F/6 ( OK-4) > February/March 2013
- APM/LZOS Triplet 130 mm F/6 ( OK-4) > September 2013
- APM/LZOS Triplet 130 mm F/9.25 ( OK-4) > February/March 2013
- APM/LZOS Quadruplet 140 mm F/5 ( 2 x Ok-4) > March 2014
- APM/LZOS Doublet 152 mm F/8 ( Ok-4 ) > 2 weeks
- APM/China Doublet 152 mm F/8 ( FK61) > March 2013
- APM/LZOS Triplet 152 mm F/8 ( Ok-4) > August/September 2013
- APM/LZOS Quadruplet 160 mm F/6.4 ( 2 x OK-4) > March 2014
- APM/LZOS Triplet 175 mm F/8 ( Ok-4) > March 2014
- APM/ARIES Doublet 178 mm F/8 ( CaF2) > in stock
- APM/LZOS Triplet 180 mm F/7 ( OK-4) > March 2014
- APM/LZOS Triplet 203 mm F/7 ( OK-4) > April 2013
- APM/LZOS Triplet 203 mm F/9 ( OK-4) > September 2013
- APM/LZOS Triplet 228 mm F/9 ( OK-4) > September 2013
- APM/LZOS Triplet 254 mm F/9 ( OK-4) > February 2013
- APM/LZOS Triplet 280 mm F/10 ( OK-4) > 18 to 24 month
- APM/LZOS Triplet 304 mm F/7.5 ( OK-4) > 18 to 24 month
- APM/LZOS Triplet 304 mm F/12.5 ( OK-4) > 18 to 24 month
- APM/LZOS Triplet 325 mm ( OK-4) > 18 to 24 month
- APM/LZOS Triplet 354 mm up to 510 mm > 18 to 24 month

Tube for all LZOS made in Germany by APM Telescopes

more details on request by email or at our webside under APM Apo

Apo OTA Link: http://www.apm-teles...-OTA-/Apochr...

Apo Lens in Cell Link:http://www.apm-telescopes.de/en/Optical-Accessories/Optical-Sets/Lenses-in-Cell.html

These days many customers buying Apo Refractors for doing CCD Imaging. APM offers now since about 10 years design matched zero power Field Flatteners for all LZOS Models with a image circle of 70 mm diameter. The Glas of this expensive Field Flatteners is melted by LZOS and Polished and coated by the State Optical Center at the University in Moscow, Russia.

APM/LZOS Field Flattener Link: http://www.apm-teles...=107&filter_...

In the last 2 years we cooperate with the famous optical designer from Italy " Massimo Riccardi", he designed a triplet airspaced apochromatic Reducer/Flattener from real ED Glas with 0.75 x power in 2 sizes, small size for 42 mm image circle and big size for 52 mm image circle. For the small version you need minimum a 2.5" focuser, for the big version you need minimum a 3" focuser. This Apo Reducer/Flattener prooved himself to be unbeatable in Terms of quality, vigneting and field correction .

APM-Riccardi Reducer/Flattener Link: http://www.apm-teles...n/Riccardi.html

Massimo Riccardi also designed the stocking APM/LZOS 152 mm F/8 ( OK-4) doublet Apo and the new quadruplet Photo-Visuel Super Apo Refractors 140 mm F/5 and 160 mm F/6.5 where the glas is now in production at LZOS.

Massimo Riccardi also redesigned the APM/LZOS 510 mm F/12 triplet to a high level of quality then the original designer.

To find more informations of this APM-Riccardi Reducer/Flatteners go to our webside and enter to the search maschine " Riccardi".

If you have any questions regards pricing, tubes, imaging samples, contact me by e-mail

we ship worldwide


CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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