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Z12 and Z100 or 32 Galileo

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Posted 08 January 2013 - 10:54 AM

Finally a clear night ,not windy and about 25 F, so carried the Z12 outside (it IS heavy assembled but I was determined to try it) and viewd for a while. Was after a full work shift and did not have charts or lapyop out.Also finding REALLY need adjustable chair as awkward viewing position hurts the back!Too bad the tube can't rotate.

The good news is M42 was stunning and huge,M43 easily seen.Much other nebulosity around other Orion stars.Looking at Big Dipper so many stars the Dipper stars hard to pick out in the EP view.This using a Galileo 32mm 2" 3-element 55 degree FOV EP.

Noted very faint green tint in brightest ,central portion of M42 when using left eye;noted four or five beautiful pale color tints of bright stars just outside and to one side of the "fishmouth" (which doesn't look like a fishmouth to me) while using right eye. Don't think the colors are aberrations because I always center whatever object is of interest.Must try binoviewers although have only 1.25" size.DO they make a 2" binoviewer?

Disappointed in Zhumell 16mm Z100 2" EP;I could not getas sharp a focus as with the 32mm and the FOV seemed smaller so I got lost quicker.
Have to tighten the azimuth as the Z12 swiveled too easily.
The Z100 2" is heavy enough to upset the scope balance if adjusted for the lighter Galileo 2" EP which is pretty hefty itself.
The Z12 does need collimation touched up but still shocked the Z100 EP didn"t have as sharp a focus as cheap EP.More trials later.It was bought used at a fraction of the list price and looks as new with original packaging.

At least the Galileo gave me a very nice view and it can be boosted with a barlow.

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