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We should contribute to a classics wiki

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#1 refasali


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Posted 11 January 2013 - 02:33 AM

... or create a classics wiki-

There is information in here that is the next best to the manufacturer, as well as information that surpasses that published by manufacturer... Many consider themselves custodians, curators, resurrectors, improvers... Why even argue such a point? Don't.

However, this site is not as easily read as an encyclopedia. Some content is pure dialog between members, subjective experience, jokes, socialization. Much of the content is also one of a kind, the only shared info of it's sort on the topics which we focus- Let's objectify the 'objective.'

"...it is the posterite (that whom is the posterity) which is the grass of the earth." - Me, paraphrasing Mirour Saluacioun.

I think there ought to be the creation of a classic scope wiki, or the contribution of information to the major wikipedia. If only for a authoritative source to reference in the forever redundant initiation of members herein. But more as a 'thread sticky' repository of pertinent, permanent, classic information. Such is a wonderful idea, that at least I have not found yet actualized. Have you- beyond this forum? As we know, a forum is not an encyclopedia.

What are our collective thoughts?

Wiki- wiki- wiki....... Imagine getting to share your expertise on an authoritative work. The wiki system is an interesting phenomena, for sure.

(Read more than once if I/it didn't make sense. I do not claim to type as clear as I may talk, and I'm talking to myself while typing :lol:.)

e.g. cloudynights/wiki.com/classics - etc

#2 Joe Cepleur

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Posted 15 January 2013 - 07:48 PM

This is the best idea I've seen in some time, yet I think it would need to be modified to work. People love the conversational nature of the Classics Forum. They come here for fun as well as information. If we turned the forum into an editing project, it may be less popular. A good start would be software with vastly improved search. It would scan posts, and suggest related links. Perhaps we could shift the culture of the forums, so that people would search and add to topics long since answered, rather than post endless repeats of the same questions.

That said, if anyone were willing to wikify our knowledge, I'd be all for it!

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