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16" R-C sets with Ion Milled optics by ARIES.

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Posted 17 January 2013 - 03:25 AM

Dear ATM-ers and professional telescopes manufacturers,

Due to changes in geometrical parameters of the Ion Milled optics we exclusively supply to famous RCOS, several older Ion Milling figured optical systems now available for free selling. These optical sets are 406mm F/3 f/9. Figured to the precision (tested in air) of wave front RMS<=0.015 wave! Tested in quasi-vacuum it will show even better results, if averaged along radius, the wave front error is as low as RMS<=0.004 wave!
A telescope made with such ultra precise optics and some simple tricks in the secondary baffle design, can be used not only for deep space CCD astro-photo, but also for planetary CCD-ing and also VISUALLY, far surpassing any other telescopes of similar size with less advanced optics. Due to extremely smooth optics (due to Ion Milling technology used for it's figuring) the images in these telescopes are really refractor-like. Essentially perfect - as perfect as only seeing permits. You will not be able to see any relief on this optics using Fucault knife test! The views of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will blow away your mind and cause immediate jaw dropping - if seeing will permits. You will never be able to complete the drawing of and of these planets - so much details will you see (Mars should be close to apparition, of course) on planets disks. If the seeing permits, magnifications about 500x-1400x are easy! With no trace of sharpness break down!

Optics made of AstroSitall CO-115M with near zero expansion.

Upon request, we can also make an F/15 or F/16 secondary mirror for even smaller central obstruction and further contrast increasing.

Also, upon request, we can make an OTA with build-in real-time focus maintain system.

For details, please, contact me via PM or write at aries55@yandex.ru

Valery Deryuzhin.
ARIES, Ukraine.

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