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Advice on UA Microstar or other (for an MK67)

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#1 TomBot2000


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Posted 27 January 2013 - 09:51 PM

Hi. I just mounted my lovely Intes MK67 (about 10 lbs when you count the everbright 2" diagonal) onto a UA Microstar (basic). It's only a little bit tippy -- nothing serious, but it's plain to see that ANY counterweight would balance it better.

Now, I can think of a couple of paths but wonder if anyone has experience with the (bewildering array) of UA mounts/options.

1 - add an eyepiece tray (looks like they make one, or maybe someone here has one they aren't using?) that somehow (i can't tell how?) mounts to that mount since that's a weight I'll have anyway, it's not like just 'throwing lead at it'. I think that would be a nice addition. Heck, i might even find a way to mount a laser pointer to that too.

2- make it dual... make it hold something else, like a 10x50 bino or widefield refractor.

3- sell the microstar and re-buy a different [something]star that can hold more weight, to let me, (for example) put a binoviewer onto my MK67. Maybe even something with DSC. But weight wise, Maybe I'm really just describing a different UA product? I have a stellarvue binoviewer that currently is hard to bring to focus because of limitted backtravel, which i was intending on solving, but given i'm at my weight limit, i might just sell the binoviewer, unless someone suggests a better solution for my needs.

I think I simply could go for #1, because I just love simplicity of the grab and goness of this setup. Thanks for your advice and steering me towards something sweet.

#2 Bill Barlow

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 09:59 PM

I own three different UA altaz mounts including the Unistar deluxe 7" saddle with two clamps, the Unistar deluxe with one clamp and the Unistar light with one clamp. For the weight you have, I would recommend the Unistar light as it will easily handle a 10-12 pound weight limit on a UA light surveyors tripod. I used mine with a 4" SV refractor that weighed about 11 pounds including the finder scope.

I guess if you want to upgrade and have a larger weight/scope capacity, then the Unistar deluxe one clamp mount on a medium UA surveyor tripod would be a good option. This combination would allow you to mount scopes up to a C9.25 or a 5" refractor easily. Good luck with your decision.


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