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Oberweck 25x100D (deluxe)

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#1 Jawaid I. Abbasi

Jawaid I. Abbasi


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Posted 07 February 2013 - 02:13 AM

Here are some keynotes that I like and dislike about it:

- 98mm if not 100mm aperture (checked by flash light test)
- I say it about 99% true collimated (sun light test)
- Stars are pin pointed up to 80% (used double star)
- Light scattering minimum
- Stay focused and focusing knob little stiff
- Light throughput excellent (compare with APM-100; perhaps less glass)

- Seen some kind of dust inside the tube (not on inside the glass)
- Center bar suspicious (seems weak and see some play)
- Bottom bar Can not tight fully and binocular can move with force
- Aluminum case is kind of cheap.

I have used it for almost two months now and I can say and rated as 7 out of 10.
Some of DSO were clearly look better then APM-100 as a comparison. I especially observed the trapizium and at 25x ; I should see all 4 stars clearly but I can't saw them clearly. In APM ; I was able to see all 4 clearly at 25x.
To test my theory; I made two mask for the objectives which reduced to 80mm and checked the trapizium stars. This time; I was able to see all four easily! Which means that the outer region (20mm) was the culprit.

Observed m5, m36, m41, m42, m56, m81 open cluster, Jupiter, Saturn, and moon. Saturn was just a egg like disk and can hardly see the ears and Jupiter looked good with its four moons.

Overall, it is a good binocular to keep. A heavy duty tripod and HD P-mount is highly recommended.

You will see the full review on my website within a week.
Thank you,

#2 Jarrod



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Posted 07 February 2013 - 02:48 AM

- Center bar suspicious (seems weak and see some play)

Same thing with the Zhumell Tachyon set. This is my #1 complaint because it makes focusing less convenient than it needs to be. I can live with it, but do wish there was a fix.

I'm curious, do you get the full 18mm of eye relief? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Oberwerk Deluxe.

#3 BobinKy



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Posted 07 February 2013 - 02:49 AM


Nice review.

I was interested in this giant binocular last month. However, Oberwerk was out of stock and I went with the Orion Giant View 25x100. I just received the Universal Astronomics Parallelogram and am looking forward to many hours on the patio.

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