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A-P 1600

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#1 Dan McConaughy

Dan McConaughy

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 11:05 PM

Has anyone used one? What do you think of it?

#2 WadeH237



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Posted 08 February 2013 - 12:49 AM

I have one in my basement waiting for some clear nights to shake it out.

The quality of workmanship is absolutely top notch. It is incredibly solid. On my Celestron mounts, you can grasp the counterweight shaft and feel the backlash in the gear train. Not so with the AP. There is no sign of detectable play anywhere. My largest scope is a C14. With that scope and all the trimmings set up for imaging, I'll probably be at about 70lb. This is less that 1/3 of the mount's rated capacity - and based on how it's built, they are probably being conservative about its capacity.

I have configured my software to work with it via the ASCOM driver. It's been driven around my basement plenty of times now. Tonight is the first clear and non-foggy night in months, but I've had to work with another mount. If the weather holds, I hope to get it out this weekend.


#3 JMW


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Posted 08 February 2013 - 11:32 AM

Did you get the optical encoders for absolute positioning? If I ever have a great dark site permanent observatory, I would get the AP1600. I currently have a AP900GTO that I use on a concrete pier in a roll away shed. I bought it so I would have a mount small enough to take to summer multi-night star parties. My backyard observatory location is a bit bright to do all the RGB imaging I would like. With H alpha I can do 20-30 minute exposures at 2800mm on my C11 EdgeHD.

You will have no limitations for imaging with this mount.

#4 WadeH237



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Posted 09 February 2013 - 02:14 AM

I did not get the encoders.

I do automate my setup, but it's not remote. I mainly want to free up my time for visual observing (or sleep). If I had a remote setup, I would have opted for the encoders.

AP is working on homing and limit switches. When they offer them for sale, I am considering them.

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