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Thoughts on a Celestron Advanced VX 8" Newt

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#1 jerwin


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Posted 10 February 2013 - 12:58 PM

Has anyone tried a Celestron F5 newt. I mainly want the Advanced VX mount for my Lunt LS60 for visual and AP, but the 8" newt is ONLY $300 more maybe this would let me experiment a little more with nighttime AP while still using MY CPC1100 for visual. (Seems like everything in astronomy is ONLY a few hundred more...except for the times it's a few thousand more)

Figured if I don't use it or don't care for it a 8" newt OTA isn't the worst thing to try to offload on the used market. Probably wouldn't get 300 for it, but I'd be ok with that.

I don't have a newt yet and I think there is some rule about owning one of each type of scope. :p

There is a 6" newt for only 100 more than the mount but it only has a 1.25 focuser and a single counter weight. I have several 2" eyepieces (if I used it for visual at all) and I was probably going to buy another counterweight anyways. And I probably could offload a 6" newt for $100.

Feel like I should just buy the Advanced VX mount by itself but what is the rest of the tax refund going to do, earn .01% interest?

The 6" refractor is also there at only 500 more than the mount alone. I already own a little 80mm refractor but don't use it that often, just piggyback it onto the CPC here and there.

What would you do?


#2 Raginar


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Posted 11 February 2013 - 04:40 PM

It's probably like all the other 8" f/4 newts out there made in China. I would say it won't pull in 2-300 bucks on the used market to make the price worth it though. I saw an AT8IN on AM the other day selling for 200 bucks if that puts it in perspective.

Good luck!

#3 dugpatrick


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Posted 11 February 2013 - 05:44 PM

I think you can find 8" newts on the used market for $300, and sometimes less.

Regarding quality of the OTA: I have the C8-NGT which appears the be the same OTA as the VX 8" newt. (i think they just updated the mount?)

Here's a sample image taken with my Celestron 8" newt: (but riding on a CGEM DX mount)

Vignetting is pretty strong at the edges of APS-C size sensor, but good flats will correct the problem. Otherwise I'd say it's a good OTA for imaging.


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