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Happy Birthday Jilin - March 8, 1976

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Posted 08 March 2013 - 03:57 PM

Happy 37th Birthday to the Jilin meteorite. :)

On this day in 1976, massive fireball exploded over the northern Chinese countryside near the town of Jilin. Thousands of small stones and larger fragments rained down on a wide area. The largest mass recovered remains one of the largest stony meteorites ever found after a witnessed fall - 1770kg (approx. 3900 pounds)

See the Meteoritical Bulletin entry here -



Place of fall: Northern part of the district of Kirin, Kirin Province, China.

44°00'N., 126°30'E.

Date of fall: 8 March 1976, 1500 hr.

Class and type: Stone. Olivine bronzite chondrite. Total Fe = 28.6 wt %.

Number of individual


Very large, 11 masses are individually recorded (see below), largest being of 1770 kg.

Total weight: About 4 tons (metric).

Circumstances of fall: At about 1500 hr on 8 March 1976 a red fireball moving SW was sighted by townspeople of Hsinglung (46°26'N., 127°05'E.). During flight there were several explosions and in the last stages of flight three distinct fireballs were observed. The meteorite fragments were scattered along an E-W trending strewnfield extending from 126°10'E. to 127° 10'E. The largest mass was recovered at 44°03'N., 126°10'E.

Source: Joint Investigating Group of the Kirin Meteorite Shower, Academia Sinica, 1976. A preliminary survey on the Kirin Meteorite shower. Scientica Sinica 20, 502-512. See also Mineralogical Abstracts 77, 2037.

Note: This meteorite has also been called JILIN. See Meteorite Research Group etc. 1976. Acta Geol. Sinica, 176-196. Mineralogical Abstracts 77, 3262.

A short new article about the anniversary of the Jilin fall - http://www.geekosyst...ite-hits-china/

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