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Nexstar 6SE w/ Hyperstar w/ QHY5

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Posted 12 April 2013 - 08:45 AM


First off let me say I am not new to telescopes and astrophotography. I have built several scopes including grinding/polishing/figuring the mirrors and even a really nice 9.2" F/6 Imaging newtonian with a hand ground mirror that performs wonderfully. I have done astrophotography with an AT6RC F/9 and had good results. I however cannot stand how long it takes to setup an equatorial mount and polar align, setup for autoguiding, deal with the weight of counterweights, and have to do extremely long exposures to get decent results.

I have seen some amazing shots with the hyperstar and love the aspect of imaging in Alt/Az mode with an easy, lightweight setup. I have seen some images with the Nexstar 6SE with hyperstar and have been impressed. My goal is to use a monochrome QHY5 with a good LPR filter (live in a light polluted zone) for simple B&W astrophotography and for outreach with my local astronomy club. I have actually seen some great images with the QHY5 here:

I have a feeling I can get some great images with stacking 200x30sec in Alt-Az mode with the hyperstar. The QHY5 (Orion SSAG)is capable of deepsky with an image sensor measuring 8.52mm across with a good quantum efficiency. I know the hyperstar 6 is capable of delivering a good image field up to 11mm sensors so I think it would be a good fit. Any comments/suggestions?

Attached is a graph on the QE efficiency of the QHY5.

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