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Mount or CCD Purchase ... Thoughts Please.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 12:30 PM

I would invest in the camera and wait on the mount - and use MetaGuide (my free software) with your Flea as the guide camera with a guidescope - and later use the Flea with OAG on the C11 - also with MetaGuide.

Guiding a refractor with a guidescope is much easier than an sct and errors in guiding will show less because of the shorter imaging focal length. This greatly reduces the need for a high end mount.

I think the importance of the mount is greatly overrated nowadays in terms of the fwhm you can achieve with good guiding - but at the same time I expect a high end mount to be easier and more robust. But with good guiding technique, and more care, nowadays there should be less of a gap between mid-range and high end in terms of the actual results obtained. My examples with cge and cge-pro using video guiding and oag with c11 are on the MetaGuide site, including 15m exposures with around 2" fwhm.

The better your seeing is, the more you might benefit from a high end mount - but if your seeing isn't great and the fsq is under-sampled - then a mid-range mount should do ok as long as it can handle the load, which I assume it can.


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