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Polar scope for my old Meade 320 mount?

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Posted 08 May 2013 - 01:06 PM

Hello. I have a late 1980's Meade 320 telescope. I foolishly didn't buy the polar scope when I bought the telescope. Now I'd like to try to find some polar scope that might fit the mount (apparently a Mizar mount made in Japan). It is clearly very difficult to find a Meade scope after all this time, but I am wondering if there is/was any "standard" for polar scope threads? I know I must be a bit delusional to expect "standards" in the telescope world, but I still have some hope... :p

I am measuring approximately 1.1 inches on the inside of the mount threads, so I am guessing that the threads are 28mm--probably with a 1mm pitch (hard to measure, but it looks about right). Does anyone know if this is/was a standard for polar scopes--if so, I might be able to find some other model to fit my mount...

I checked with Orion on their SkyView Pro polar scope and it appears to be around 23mm threads, so no luck there. I anyone is willing to measure the outside diameter of the threads on their polar scope and report the value I would appreciate it...

Also, I am looking for an extra counterweight for the mount. The shaft size is 14mm, which is small for modern mounts. Does anyone know of any other telescope mount which used 14mm counterweights?

Thanks, Keith

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