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Solving the dewy eyepiece & Telrad problem

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Posted 18 May 2013 - 07:37 AM

I live in a semi-desert region with moist air blowing in from distant cold ocean currents. Dewing is frequent and quick. I bought a small card table. On it I put a heavy dark blue bath towel twice the size of the table. On top of the towel I lay a single-bed electric blanket, also about twice the size of the table. The electric blanket is pale creme like most such items. I position the long end of the towel-blanket combo so it folds over and completely covers the table with a fold down the middle, like a large file folder only very rounded. The dark towel is now on top so you can't see the table under dark conditions. A large expanse of pale creme is a night-vision wrecker when everything else is dark. I put all my equipment in between the folded-over blanket—eyepieces, laser pointers, Telrad, charts. Medium is the best setting to keep everything body-temperature while adding no local thermal plume. By the time the scopes are set up, everything under the blanket is slightly warm to the touch. The only items not under the blanket are the ones I'm actually using. Take a bit of extra time when switching eyepieces, but they never dew. Every time a laser pointer goes flat, I switch it for a warm one. My hands go under there as well when the fingers get stiff. Only real drawback is my cat, who thinks a warm dark fuzzy table is the greatest place in the world for mouse-spotting. =Dana in S Africa

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Posted 18 May 2013 - 09:28 AM

Great idea, especially for your kitty! :lol:

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