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AZ-EQ6 / Firmware v3.35 Pointing Issue

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Posted 27 June 2013 - 06:49 AM

I and a few other owners of the AZ-EQ6 have run into a strange GoTo pointing issue with firmware v3.35 when in AZ Mode. This came to the forefront when we were using SkySafari to run the AZ-EQ6. This could have existed in previous firmware versions, but we have realized that it is now a problem. I have confirmed that it is an issue with the AZ-EQ6 or firmware not SkySafari. It appears that in certain areas of the sky (and depending from which direction you approach an object), the mount settles about one degree below the object for which you are looking. As it comes close to the object, it goes through a strange series of several up and down movements before it finally settles on where it thinks the object is located but ends up about one degree below the object. When the mount normally gets to an object, it makes a very short movement to center the object. This behavior has been especially prominent now around Ursa Major and Minor. I noticed this when going from Polaris to Kochar, Mizar, and Alkaid. Dubhe was ok. If I approach the object from the opposite direction, the mount points properly. I had no issue with anywhere else in the sky. After later restarting and realigning the mount, I had issues with some objects around the zenith. Has anyone else run into this?



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Posted 27 June 2013 - 11:59 AM

I have noticed the hunting at the end of goto, but while in EQ mode.
Probably due to the encoders, I know my Sirius doesn't hunt like that.
Hope to confirm on the next clear night with the encoder disabled.

I have yet to try AZ mode.

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