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June 13 Intermediate DSO winner - Derryk!

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Poll: June 13 Intermediate DSO winner - Derryk! (27 member(s) have cast votes)

Which image wins?

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#1 Charlie Hein

Charlie Hein

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 06:08 AM

Who has brought us the best M57? Vote for your favorite from the following entries:


Posted Image

Hi All, M 57, 30 x 120 seconds, prosiest in Maxim, Photoshop.



Posted Image

Here is my M57. Taken June 15, 2013.

Total Integration: 215 mins (3 hrs 35 mins)

Details, Equipment, & Software:
Telescope: Astro-Tech AT6RC w/ AT2FF (FL1370mm f/9)
Camera: Canon T3i (Full Spectrum, Gary Honis modified)
Filter: Astronomik CLS-CCD clip in
Mount: Orion Atlas EQ-G
Guide: Orion ST80 w/ SSAG
Capture: Backyard EOS (43x300s light / darks / flats / dark flats)
Stacking: Nebulosity 3
Final Processing: StarTools & Photoshop CS5

M57 - Ring Nebula on Flickr


Posted Image

Here is my image of M57 - The Ring Nebula, taken June 5, 2013 at Pixieland Star Party in Goldendale, WA.

Imaging scope - C8 at 2000mm FL
Imaging camera - Canon XSi Modified
Mount - CGEM (self hypertuned)
Guiding - ST80 and SSAG
Capture - BYEOS
Stacked in DSS, processed in PS-CS3
Consists of 7 frames of 480 sec for total of 56min.
Darks, flats and Bias subtracted.

Wind was a challenge with the long FL.


Posted Image

M57 from my backyard on June 6, 2013 in Hagarville, Arkansas. 22X300sec at ISO 800

Imaging scope: 10" Meade SCT at f/10
Imaging camera: Modified Canon T3
Guide scope: Orion ST80
Guide camera: Orion SSAG
Mount: CGEM DX
Captured with BackYardEOS, Stacked with DSS, processed with Photoshop CS3 and StarTools.

Ron (Lubbock)

Posted Image

M57 & IC 1296. Data acquired June 6, 9, and 10, 2013 from Crosby Co., TX.

Total Integration: 295 mins (4 hrs 55 mins)
Exposures: luminance 23 x 5 min.; RGB 4 x 15 min. each at -10 deg. C binned 2x2
Darks: 31 x 5 min. and 27 x 15 min.
Telescope: Celestron C8 operating at f/6.0 (1224 mm) with focal reducer.
Camera: Atik 383L+ mono with EFW2 filter wheel
Filters: Baader Planetarium LRGB
Mount: Celestron CGEM hypertuned
Guiding equipment: Orion SSAG and Stark Labs Ph.D. with Innovations Foresight ONAG
Capture: Artemis Capture
Stacking: Deep Sky Stacker
Processing: ImageJ, IRIS, and IrfanView


Posted Image

And now for a wide perspective ;-)
First light on my recently acquired AT8IN and CGEM
Managed to get 15X180s (45min) last night before the moon and the sky fog (FL in the summer - yech) ended the session.
Orion mini-guider+SSAG+PHD
Stock Canon T3
Baader MPCC-II with Orion SkyGlow Imaging filter
Capture: BYEOS
19 darks, 19 flats, 19 dark flats, ~60 bias
Process: Nebulosity 3 (stacking) and PS CS6
Full resolution available here: https://dl.dropboxus...57-20130627.tif

Thanks for looking, and clear skies

David Ault

Posted Image

Here's my offering of M57

Telescope: Celestron EdgeHD 800
Camera: ATIK 314E w/ EFW2 filter wheel
Mount: Losmandy G11 w/ OPWB
Guiding: StarlightXpress Lodestar w/ ATIK OAG
Integration: 8x600s w/ Astrodon Luminance Filter
Calibration: 50 flats, 2k bias, no darks (bad pixel map)
Software: Sequence Generator Pro, PHD Guiding, PixInsight

Full version here:

David Ault


#2 Charlie Hein

Charlie Hein

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 05:38 PM

Congrats, Derryk! What will our Intermediate DSO target be for August?


#3 David Ault

David Ault

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 06:06 PM

Good Job Derryk! It's a fantastic image of M57!


#4 Jeff2011



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Posted 09 July 2013 - 07:54 PM

Great shot Derryk!

#5 rflinn68



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Posted 10 July 2013 - 12:19 PM

Congrats to Derryk and to everyone else for the great images of M57. It was a challenge for sure but I enjoyed all the different versions that were submitted. :)

#6 Derryk


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Posted 11 July 2013 - 10:02 AM

Thank you everyone! :jump: It is fantastic to see so many great images for the contest this month.

This was a fun one to shoot, only wish I had a bit more focal length. I forget how small this one is. I keep staring at the Hubble image and am amazed at all the fine detail in this nebula. David, your image is great at showing this detail, nice shot!

For August, let's do the "Eye of God", NGC7293 - The Helix Nebula.

#7 David Ault

David Ault

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Posted 11 July 2013 - 11:16 AM

Thanks Derryk. I'm looking forward to NGC7293! I just hope I can get more time than I was able to for M57.

David Ault

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