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Saturn Sketch and Observation using Pastels

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 09:25 AM


I observed and made a sketch of Saturn back in late May but did not get the opportunity to scan it in and add it to my web page until recently.

In addition I went to a arts suplly store and picked up some pastel pencils to see how they would work for my sketches of the planets.

I found that pastel pencils does allow me to record the color of the planetary features but in a more subtle way than colored pencils.

TMB 130mm (5.1") f/9.25 refractor on a alt-az mount. Magnification mostly 255x with Baader binoviewer. Filters used: none and Baader Moon & Skyglow filter.

In the above sketch the preceding limb is on the left, the following limb is on the right, south is at the top, and north is at the bottom. The North Polar region is now tilted towards the Earth.

The South Polar Region appeared blue in color.

The North Equatorial Zone appeared light yellow in color.

The North Equatorial Belt appeared brown in color.

The North Tropical Belt appeared green in color.

The North Tropical Zone appeared white in color.

The North Polar Region appeared green in color and a small round cap was noted.

The shadow of the globe was visible on the preceding (left hand side) of the rings, giving the planet a 3-D look to it.

The rings cast a shadow on the front of the globe.

The Cassini Division was noticeable on both ring ansa.

Nearby the moons Titan, Tethys, Dione, and Rhea were visible.


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