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Takahashi Abbe series

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 01:28 PM

Good Morning to Everybody. I hope that you understand my poor English.:-)
Last night (finally) I had the chance to use the new Takahashi Abbe’s.
As usual, I ‘ve observed with my Takahashi FS 128 , both in direct vision and with the use of a Takahashi 31.8mm prism.
I've done several tests, comparing different focal lengths of different eyepieces: Baader Genuine Ortho , Takahashi LE , Circle-T and TMB MONOCENTRIC .
Observing the moon , honestly , thanks to the great contrast provided by our satellite, I have not noticed huge differences that I did lean towards one eyepieces over the other. To be picky rhymes Gassendi was more distinct in the TMB Super Mono even if the field of view provided was “suffocating” 
In this kind of visions I prefer a good field of view and a great comfort, for these reasons , I liked the performance of the old Tahahashi LE. Quite similar the new Takahashi Ortho and the Baader Genuine Ortho. . However, the new Abbe Japanese, in my humble opinion, seem to provide a more neutral tone and less scattered light
Very different , however , my impressions during the observation of Jupiter with various 6mm eyepieces .
The TMB monocentric it is detected, even if briefly, the best of the lot, with sharp images and very little scattered light . In second place was the new Orthoscopic Takahashi Abbe that proved slightly sharper , contrasted with less diffused light and with a more neutral tone than the Baader Genuine Ortho . I was quite impressed of the vision of GRS provided by the new Orthoscopic Takahashi . I have tried several times to change the eyepiece and refocus ,but the substance has not changed . The performances of the new Abbe Takahashi is closer to the mythical TMB monocentric that the Baader Genuine Ortho and T -CIRCLE . The old Takahashi LE, in this type of observation, did not reach the sharpness of the new ABBE .
Probably my impressions may change if you were using a telescope with obstruction. I may give another comparison with my old Mak Meade 7.
Regarding the ergonomy ,the new Taka Abbe are more similar to the mythical Takahashi LE than the classic Ortho.
The lens hood allows a great comfort and also avoids to fogging the eyepiece.
In summary .
Sharpness: I place TMB Monocentric, II place Takahashi ABBE II , III place BGO , IV place -Circle T , V place Takahashi LE
Containment of reflexes: T I Place TMB Monocentric , II place Takahashi ABBEI , III place BGO , IV place Circle T , V place Takahashi LE
[Ergonomics (construction, ease of use , resistance to fogging : I place Takahashi LE, II place Takahashi Abbe , III place T -Circle III , IV place TMB Monocentric , V place Baader Genuine Ortho.
Best Regards from Italy

Thanks for the excellent review! I've been wanting a good 6mm Ortho for some time, and since the 6mm ZAO II is almost impossible to come by, it sounds like the 6mm Tak Abbe (which I'll now start calling the TAO :)) will do nicely. I like a neutral tone myself and if it has less scatter than the BGO then that is a very good thing indeed. I just ordered a 6mm TAO and look forward to seeing that great view of the GRS you mentioned.

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Posted 19 January 2014 - 01:40 AM

Can anyone of the reviewers/testers who directly compared Takahashi Abbe to LE tell a few words about parfocality issue?
Are Tak Abbes parfocal to LEs? If not how much is the difference?

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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