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Stolen Telescopes Alert!

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 05:36 PM

"From: Martin Cohen <martin@company7.com>

Subject: Company Seven Showroom Burglary of 3 July

Box 2587

Montpelier, Maryland 20709-2587

(301) 953-2000

18 July 2013

Please pardon the bulk nature of this E-Mail, but it is the best way I know to circulate our message.

At 6:05 am on Wednesday 3 July Company Seven's showroom was burglarized. Before Police arrived in response to the alarm several telescopes, mounts, and a number of binoculars were stolen. There was damage to some other telescopes and to the premises. I have really been saddened by this, several of these instruments lost have fond memories for me and for visitors to C7 – and even when we put up similar replacements on display the showroom can never be quite the same. I have no idea what the prospects are of recovery of these telescopes, I can only hope these guys do this again elsewhere until they mess up and may be caught.

I returned from overseas travel on Monday 15 July to deal with this, and since then we are instituting additional measures to harden the showroom against such attacks. I do not intend to put replacement telescopes or binoculars on display until all hardening measures are in place.

Please make note of the telescopes and the mounts damaged/lost/stolen, and feel free to post or circulate this information and be aware if you scour any auction sites (Craig's List, Astromart, etc.). Also note the stolen telescopes were not furnished with eyepieces or other common accessories, and some without even a 2" diagonal. Most telescopes stolen lack their carrying case, while the TeleVue 85 was taken with its carrying bag complete with registration card. The tripods and telescopes may have been damaged as they were hastily removed from the showroom.

1. Astro-Physics Telescope, Refractor, 105mm, Apochromat, Model "Traveler", 4.14" f/6, one of the two prototypes (NO SERIAL NUMBER), acquired 8/30/91 (STOLEN)

2. Astro-Physics Telescope, Refractor, Model "130 EDF", S/N 130EDF01 (the first production 130 EDF telescope), Apochromat 5.1 inch f/6 130mm EDF, acquired 2/27/1995 (STOLEN)

3. Astro-Physics German Equatorial Mount, Model 400QMD German Equatorial Mount Head SN400002C includes: Encoder Set, NGC-MAX CPU, 8" Dovetail Saddle, 'V' Series, Model AWT Wood Field Tripod, Adjustable Height, with Pier Adapter for 400/600 Mounts, 6 lb. Stainless Steel Counterweight, 9 lb. Stainless Steel Counterweight, Slide Bar, 8" long, V series, 8x50 Finder telescope with Quick Release Bracket for 8x50 Finder. (STOLEN)

4. TeleVue Telescope, Refractor, 85mm, Refractor Brass, Model TeleVue 85 (Brass), S/N B0001 complete with carrying bag, 2 inch diagonal. Acquired 1/6/1999. (STOLEN)

This is shown in several photos of our showroom, and featured in our on-line description of these telescopes at <http://www.company7....opes/tv85.html>

5. TeleVue Telescope, Refractor, 101mm, Model NP101, PN NPC-4054 Ivory and Black Apo, S/N 1001 (autographed by Al 'Marty's Lens') on display since 8/9/01. (STOLEN)

The telescope was equipped with the Starbeam sight. The set is also featured in our on-line description of these telescopes at <http://www.company7....p101_2001.html>

6. TeleVue Telescope, Refractor, Renaissance 101mm, Brass/Blk, Refractor, Model RB4-4054, S/N 1037, Brass on display since 12/16/99. (STOLEN)

This telescope is shown in several photos of our showroom, and also features in our on-line description of these telescopes at <http://www.company7....s/tv101br.html>

7. TeleVue Wood and Brass Gibraltar Mount (older style larger Gibraltar mount with teak wood tripod with solid brass top and with brass plated trim), supporting the 101 Renaissance brass 4" Apo telescope. Acquired 12/16/1999 (STOLEN)

8. TeleVue Wood and Brass Gibraltar Mount (older style larger Gibraltar mount ash wood tripod with black finished cast aluminum and trim), supporting NP101. Acquired 9/14/1994 (STOLEN)

9. TeleVue Wood and Brass Panoramic Mount (wood tripod with rare solid brass top and brass trim), supporting the TeleVue 85. Acquired 1/6/1999. Closest modern replacement cost $765.00 (STOLEN)

10. There were numerous 20mm up to 50mm aperture Carl Zeiss and Leica binoculars, and some Fujinon 50mm binoculars stolen.

If any information comes up or suspicions are aroused then since the case is being handled by Prince George's County Police (Case #13-184-0366), please contact Detective Shapiro of their local Beltsville precinct in charge of this. That is PGPD District VI, 4321 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705-2543, telephone (301) 937-0910


Martin Cohen

Company Seven"

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