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Gib on Berlebach Uni or Gib 5 for TV102

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#1 Ebbisham


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Posted 29 July 2013 - 03:41 PM

I was warned here before that a Gibralar mount might not be enough for my TV102 due to the long OTA.
But I couldn't resist a good offer for a Gibraltar with computer and everything. Now it takes really a few seconds for the scope to settle down so I was wondering what would be the best thing to do.

I could try to mount the Gib head onto my Blebach Uni 28 tripod (adapter or a new tripod head that can carry the Gib head). The 3 legs can be fastened separately at the hinges and the tripod is beefier making it a rock solid platform.

Or I try to swap my Gib head for a Gib 5 head and use it with the original tripod as it was suggested here.

I would prefer solution 1 as it would be easier to do but I was wondering which solution would dampen better.

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Posted 24 August 2013 - 02:42 AM

Hello Ebbisham,

I am sorry that I didn't read your post earlier! But if you are still debating which path to follow, I would recommend swapping your Gibraltar Head (Telepod?) for a Gibraltar5 Head. The Gibraltar5 Head has larger bearings and longer forks that would increase the stability with your TV-102 and would also allow you to aim your telescope closer to the zenith.

I have an NP127is which is heavier than the TV-102 and the Gibraltar5 Mount carries it reasonably well at low and medium powers. I also have a Vixen ED100Sf with TeleVue Rings that weighs about the same as your TV-102 and is just as long, and they are a great match!

But there is one thing that you have to consider before you make a decision. Since the Gibraltar5 was specially made for the NP127, I don't know for sure if you could achieve perfect balance by simply attaching the TV-102 on top of the Gibraltar5 cradle. But if you need to raise the center of gravity of the optical tube to compensate for the smaller (than the 5-inch) tube diameter, you could always attach a TeleVue AVT-1011 Vixen/TeleVue Mount Adapter plate to the clamshell of the TV-102, then place it on top of the cradle and that could probably do the job of reaching the ideal height (center of the OTA between the pivot points of the mount) and as a bonus allow you to easily swap between the Gibraltar5 and a Vixen type EQ mount -I do that all the time with my TV-85 between the TV Panoramic mount and the Vixen GP mount.

I also suppose that you could transfer the computer from your current Gibraltar to a Gibraltar5 without major issues. If you are using a TeleVue Sky Tour computer I believe that you would only need to buy the Sky Tour Spacers spacers [STS-5002] that are required to fasten the azimuth encoder cover to the wider baseplate of the Gibraltar5.

I included a couple of pictures here to show what it looks like:

Posted Image
Vixen ED100Sf w/TeleVue MRS-4011 4" Ring Set on TeleVue Gibraltar5 Mount.

Posted Image
Vixen ED100Sf w/TeleVue MRS-4011 4" Ring Set on TeleVue Gibraltar5 Mount (close-up).
Custom riser blocks (10mm thick) obtained from cutting an old TeleVue APL-1005 Super
Polaris Mount Adapter were added between the NP127is Bottom Plate (bellow the cradle)
and the mounting rings to align the center of gravity of the optical tube with the mount.

You can read more about this telescope/mount combination in my post: Vixen ED100Sf+TeleVue MRS-4011 Rings on Gibraltar5

Good luck with your decision if you have not made one yet!

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