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Comet 154P/Brewington

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Posted 28 September 2013 - 05:16 PM

Now in Aquarius. SkyTools reports its magnitude at 12.4 so it could a challenge for an 8" telescope. A recent post (Sept 25) on the IceInSpace forum reported mag 12.7 but faint.


154P/Brewington makes its third return since its discovery by Howard J Brewington of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, as a small diffuse 10m object on 1992 August 28.41 using a 0.40-m reflector x55. This was his fourth discovery and his second periodic one. The comet is in a Jupiter crossing orbit, but has not approached the planet for several revolutions. At a really favourable return it could reach 7m, but at this return it will only reach 10th magnitude, although it is conveniently placed. Observers located in the UK should pick it up as a 12m object in the August morning sky, although Southern Hemisphere observers may find it a couple of months earlier. By October it could be 10m and has moved to the evening sky. It is at its brightest around the time of the new moon in early November, when it is on the border of Aquarius and Pegasus. By the end of the year it has faded to 11th magnitude, but remains well placed in the evening sky.

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