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Anyone used a C-11 or Meade 10" SCT on a DSV-3?

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#1 Jan Owen

Jan Owen


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Posted 26 October 2013 - 10:48 PM

I've been considering a DM-6 for my 10" Meade SCT OTA. It comes out well for strength, simplicity, reliability, smooth operation, quality design & construction. At the top of my list of expectations is silky smooth, stictionless movement in both axes with that much weight (plus heavy 2" eyepieces)...

I keep reading about the DSV-3, though, and it sounds like it might do most of the same things in the same ball park.

I'm used to moving altaz & Dobsonians by hand, even at high powers, so I don't need slo-mo controls, but having them wouldn't be a negative either, if the manual motions are smooth, and the slo-mo controls can indeed be adjusted to one's preferences...

With that much weight, though, getting the scope to start moving in either direction could be a ticklish matter, especially as the magnification goes upward... And with that much weight, how fast do vibrations damp out???

I've read several reviews of the DSV-3, but none that I've seen used a scope of the size I've mentioned, though Jim Barnett's recent review of the DSV-3, which included using an AstroTelescopes 152 onboard, which is in the same general ballpark, weight-wise, seemed to indicate it would probably be quite close in the same categories of performance. But the coverage around that scope was not extensive vis larger scopes, especially relating to getting the scope started moving smoothly to re-center an image, or moving an object to the opposite field stop for maximum drift across a wide field eyepiece... Excellent review; just a couple follow-up questions...

Your thoughts & experiences?

#2 t.r.



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Posted 27 October 2013 - 05:58 AM

JimB was supposed to load up his C11 on the DSV-3 and give a quick report soon. I'm waiting for it too. Don't forget about the Nova Hitch mount Jan with the longer SCT arm option...I'm considering that one too and it specifically addresses what you said about stiction and getting a scope moving...supposedly the Nova eliminates this problem. ;)

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