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Atlas RA "wobble" diagnosed (I think)

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 02:17 PM

First of all - for all you Atlas-type owners, this is a great resource. I'm sure nearly everyone knows about it or has seen it, but I thought I'd put it out there.

When I lock down the clutches in my Atlas, there is still a little "wobble" back and forth in RA. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago, and ever since, it's been getting worse.

I went through the RA worm gear engagement process in the above link, which I thought would fix it. Turns out I'm pretty sure the RA worm and carrier were tuned appropriately, but I think the wobble I'm seeing comes from what is called the "worm end float covers". These act as "stops" at the end of the worm. One had loosened just a bit, which was allowing for some play.

The thing is, you can only tighten them down so much. When they are properly seated, there is still just a hair of play in the axis.

Has anyone dealt with this issue before? I'm wondering if there's a fix, or if it really needs no fix, or if it's just a limitation of the design, whereas the solution (I guess) becomes "buy a Losmandy/AP/more expensive mount"...

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