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How Did Your Interest In Science Develop?

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Posted 01 December 2013 - 01:43 AM

I built a 6 inch F8 telescope at 10, read a brief history of time at age 11, and went to Mount Wilson at age 12. And yes, I knew at age 12 the significance of what had occurred at the Hooker 100inch scope both historically and scientifically. That being, Einstein saw the expansion of the universe for himself and know his cosmological constant used in quantifying the energy density of the universe was *BLEEP*.

This prompt me to come up with a philosophical argument leading to an 8th solution to the black hole information paradox. A solution which creates a final paradox with only one solution. It is a solution I have copyrighted. If you want a quantum theory of everything, first you must go through jerks like this apparently.

Do you like apples?

From Farsight:


You have repeatedly made long, rambling, redundant posts to the "Word salad and gravitational astronomy" thread in the science forum that everyone else finds hopeless to understand what scientific proposition you're trying to prove or describe, let alone how any of the points or links to other sites tie together in any coherent fashion. Accordingly, I've permanently locked the thread. Do not attempt to further revive this subject or use the CN science forum as a platform for any further ramblings, unless you have a clearly articulated, logical point relevant to the sciences, and not some vague grand idea you don't have a grasp yet of yourself. PERIOD.

My response (which he does not seem to be getting):

Before outright censorship would you and others rather not indulge yourselves in an inquisition? I sent you a reply the other day, but nothing is showing up as sent (or my sent items counter is not incrementing when PMing a moderator). I posted my pervious ideas in the fashion I did to allow individuals to come to their own conclusions. Moderators seem to have no problem with others throwing egg on my face in the form of dismissive and ad hominem attacks. Science sold out philosophy long ago and maintains a collective amnesia that it is not itself a philosophy. What I have written is the penalty for this hubris. I will spell my argument out for you and the reasoning behind the calculations.

Allow us to consider a handful of cosmological paradox's and problem in terms of Big Bang cosmology before we begin. Paradox's and problems where by their very nature, if you solve one you render all others impossible to solve.

1. Big Bang cosmology is shackled to the Metallicity schedule it predicts, the observed Metallicity of the young universe is low by a factor of up to 50 percent.

2. The level of homogeneity necessary to make the big bang feasible renders it impossible to create large scale structures structures as we have observed in ancient quasar super clusters. Essentially, there is no structure nor efficient means by which to create structure fast enough.

3. Big bang cosmology begins with no primordial magnetism in any version I have encountered. How can you form stars without primordial magnetism?

4. The pesky G dwarf, M dwarf, and K dwarf problems continue to plague Astronomers.

5. 68.3% of the mass of the universe is a modern version of Aether known as Dark Energy.

6. Galaxies that deviate drastically from the M-Sigma relationship are very troublesome for the Big Bang Cosmologists http://en.wikipedia....iki/Henize_2-10

7. Consider what I am arguing from the context of the Faint young Sun paradox.

8. Objects such as this are found nearly every day

9. How can stars of varying masses form a spherical hydrostatic equilibrium of plasma from a localized thermonuclear fusion ignition without ejecting the very fuel in the process of ignition? The more massive the star, the bigger the problem becomes.

10. Low Metallicity stars in globular clusters and elliptical galaxies are also cosmologically problematic for any model. Not to mention http://en.wikipedia....ki/Westerlund_1 is very problematic for current stellar evolution models.

11. A unified theory of everything that is compatible with all existing observations remains at large.

(I did not come up with the previously mentioned information on my own, I have used mostly observations from publically funded projects. Since I helped pay for the projects through my tax dollars I have rights to the observations made by them. I also have an exhaustive list of over 400 references that I will provide upon request. I am not taking credit for individuals observations and work so much as it is nearly impossible to keep track of everything.)

"The path to understanding the rational universe" is a philosophical argument regarding implied consequences of conserving physical information within the entropy of a black hole horizon. This argument assumes you are familiar with a few concepts:

1. Current black hole theory, whether you believe black holes exist or not is independent of knowledge regarding theory concerning them. Ironically, some in the anti black hole crowd are more receptive to my ideas than the current black hole consensus.

2. As a prerequisite to the black hole information paradox, knowledge of:

Quantum determinism - given a present wave function, its future changes are uniquely determined by the "Unitary Operator", which is the "Time Evolution Operator" or propagator, of a closed quantum system.

Reversibility - refers to the fact that the evolution operator has an inverse, meaning that the past wave functions are similarly unique.

Which can be found here: http://en.wikipedia....rmation_paradox

3. Finally, The black hole information paradox and current list of possible solutions to the paradox http://en.wikipedia....rmation_paradox
There are currently 7 proposed solutions to the paradox, my solution is currently an 8th unrecognized and never considered possibility.

I use mostly words to describe my model, because that is what is necessary right now. Following the tried and true methodology of observation, followed by a philosophical argument, which is followed by a model, which is followed by a theory. The theory I am proposing has extreme and understandable scale limitiations, for that reason, the model is mostly words for now. Good math takes time and words will transition into numbers capable of making precise predictions and giving more universally understandable answers.

A synopsis of "The path to understanding the rational universe"

The philosophical argument I wrote proposes an alternative solution to the black hole information paradox, whereby physical information is preserved within black hole entropy only to be deterministically reassigned later. This alternate solution to the black hole information paradox did not exist until I considered it. However, my solution to the black hole information paradox leads to a new paradox, "The black hole merger paradox" and this paradox has only one possible solution. Moreover, the solution to the black hole merger paradox is also the only proposed solution to the black hole information paradox that does not require an observer to commit certain suicide to verify.

Solving "the black hole merger paradox" calls into question everything man has ever assumed or even thought about the nature of black holes as they are currently understood. To solve the black hole merger paradox, entropy and physical information must be reassigned to mass. This calls into question, what is mass to a black hole? Black holes are temporally neutral states of mass at temproally perceived infinte gravity which simultaneously represent non temporal mass and non temporal mass is the force of magnetism in a volume of space.

Black holes at the binary relativistic orbital velocity of the speed of light will excite magnetism deterministically into temproal state governed by the inverse square law through the deterministic assignment of entropy and physical information. Black holes will deterministically strip wave functions and deterministically reassign them in a binary system. While the process I argued for is complex it can ultimately be duplicated because this is how our nook of universe began. A massive scale simulation is required to replicate the process on even the smallest theoretical scale. I am in development of the only conceiveable model for simulating the detertiministic assignment of duality. Anyone capable of understanding my simulation idea can easily conceive of the only possible way to model it. While this simulation building is in the works, my 2nd post "Dark Matter in the Singulosynthesis Universe" is a further argument and mathematical deduction that can be made without the formerly mentioned simulation being completed.

The reason I link people to my facebook page is because th idea is evolving and I have diagrams to aid in the illustration of the idea and model for it. I spend a great deal of time in this paper explaining away some very strong and commonly held assumptions. In the end, if you follow the reasoning, you be able to figure out why everything from globular clusters to elliptical galaxies take the shape that they do. Here is the latest version.


In “The path to understanding the rational universe” I describe a new possible solution to the black hole information paradox. That solution being, physical information and entropy maintained (by an unknown method) within a black hole horizon only to be reassigned later. “The path to understanding the rational universe” is a pre requisite to anything I put forward in this paper. That paper argues that the universe began through an event of black hole synthesis and not a big bang. Please take time to read it before continuing for I will move forward in this paper under the assumption it has already be read and understood.

“Rational Universe Theory” philosophically plants a flag in favor of an information conservation principle for the universe. Now the question becomes, can a philosophical argument lead to a superior mathematical model of our universe? This approach has been taken in the past by others and that is my goal. While a full blown computer simulation proof of the theory remains in the works, there are some sound ideas that can be inferred from a cosmology or universe model based upon the idea of Singulosynthesis (binary black hole synthesis). The following is a statement regarding what we perceive and what is a consequence due to limitations on our perception. One can waste an entire lifetime arguing against an irrational consensus or attempt to destroy an irrational consensus through use of superior reasoning.

The Current Scientific Consensus Composition of the Universe

4.9% - ordinary matter

26.8% - dark matter

68.3% - dark energy

(Note: Totals are from Wikipedia and cross referenced with a few other sources. I am not sure how black holes fit into these totals.)

The Singulosynthesis Universe Current Composition

15.5% - ordinary matter (mass with entropy and physical information)

84.5% - dark matter (Singulosynthesis remnant of non-temporal mass and energy which is magnetism in a volume of space)

0% - dark energy - Is a perceived effect of Singulosynthesis converting temporal mass and energy into magnetized volumes of space.

(Note: These totals may need adjusting due to how black holes are classified by the current scientific consensus; black holes being a temproally neutral state of mass may require their own category.)

What could dark matter be? What could perceived dark energy be? What is a black hole? What is mass? What is magnetism? How can an argument be formulated when there is no consensus even regarding the terms being used? How can we find some answers? First some distinctions need to be made. There is a temporal state of the universe governed by the inverse square law that most are familiar with and there is a non-temporal state of our universe which is not governed by the inverse square law that even I am just beginning to figure out.

The following is based on a cosmologiocal theory that exists completely outside the context of the big bang and is based on the best current observations. While Singulosynthesis (binary black hole synthesis) should ultimately be simulated there are some ideas that can be inferred just considering it. A black hole in the Singulosynthesis (binary black hole synthesis) model of the universe is a temporally neutral state of mass with a temporal horizon which is governed by some rules. From the temporal side of a black hole horizon (our side which is governed by the inverse square law) there is a physical information and entropy boundary at the gravitational radius (Schwarzschild radius). Once a black hole’s entropy and physical information boundary fills up there is an overflow mechanism (likely based on the Bekenstein bound) at the Planck length scale (this ideally should be simulated to pin down the three way process). The non-temporal side of a black hole horizon (inside the gravitational radius) ignores physical information and entropy that exists on the temporal side on the gravitational radius. In that sense, a black hole horizon is a temporal filter for mass. This then brings into question, what is temporal mass and energy? “Mass” in the Singulosynthesis universe is “temporally assigned magnetism”. A black hole temporal radius will accept mass (temporal magnetism) regardless of what is going on outside the gravitational radius, so long as a gravitational horizon exists from the temporal side.

From the temporal side (outside the gravitational radius of the perceived temporal horizon) there is an entropy and physical information horizon which determines how duality is stripped from mass, how physical information and entropy are stored at the Planck scale, how physical information and entropy are reassigned during an overflow state, and how duality is reassigned back into duality by the Singulosynthesis process mechanism [The Singulosynthesis process will reassign existing horizon physical information and entropy by establishing or re-establishing duality to non-temporal mass and energy during the Singulosynthesis process (ideally must to be simulated]. Relativistic jets are an over flow mechanism which offload the difference between what a black hole horizon can and cannot handle in terms of physical information and entropy volume.

Once Singulosynthesis is finished and the reassigning of physical information and entropy at the temporal side gravitational radius is done, a temporal horizon will remain over the remaining non-temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space). A temporally neutral black hole gravitational radius will always accept temporal mass and energy (temporally assigned magnetism) or reassign non-temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space) through Singulosynthesis, a non-temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space) with no entropy or physical information horizon remaining will no longer accept temporal mass and energy (temporally assigned magnetism), for it is no longer a black hole which is a temporally neutral state of mass (magnetism in a volume of space). If magnetism in a volume of space is a property of non-temporal mass and energy, then a black hole temporal gravitational radius must govern how the Pauli Exclusion Principle interacts with temporal matter (temporally assigned magnetism). If temporal mass and energy is temporally assigned magnetism and non-temporal mass and energy is magnetism in a volume of space one can see how considering such a scenario could get confusing. This confusion has led to a number of semantic difficulties when attempting to communicate with “professionals” various concepts regarding my ideas. So why do I not yet have a final proof? Please consider the following model while I explain why I haven’t fully figured this out on my own yet on my own.

I suspect general relativity governs everything in the universe, even the assignment of duality which is temporal mass and energy (temporally assigned magnetism) and the stripping of duality into non temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space). While a deterministic process, all conditions for this occurring are extreme. Black holes will synthesize their temporal physical information and entropy horizons based on their mass at the binary relativistic orbital velocity of the speed of light. If relativistic jets are temporal gravitational radius overflow mechanisms which have reached a Bekenstein bound type limit, I have an idea of what may be occupying a temporal black hole gravitational horizon. As I figure out what is actually fundamental and critical to the simulation, I am figuring out some other things in the process. Hence, enough for this second paper.

Even without a comprehensive simulation of the former, allow me to put forward a universe model governed by such a mechanism as Singulosynthesis. In the Singulosynthesis (binary black hole synthesis) universe model Dark Energy is a perceived effect, I will do my best to interpret my ideas clearly to avoid any potential semantic confusion. Going forward I will refer to terms such as “temporal mass and energy and energy” which is also “temporally assigned magnetism” and “non-temporal mass and energy” which is “magnetism in a volume of space” to avoid confusion (Note: previously I used named place holder theoretical objects for the sake of my modeling which has only led to further confusion. I will attempt to use those place holders as seldom as possible). Going forward I am going to just state some things and explain them along the way to the best of my ability.

To figure out where we are going, we must first consider where we have been. Singulosynthesis fuels the universe by converting temporal mass and energy into non-temporal mass and energy. Applying the percentage of perceived dark energy 68.3% to the true existing dark matter which is 84.5%, you get a total of 57.7135% of the total currently perceived 84.5% dark matter has actually been produced through Singulosynthesis since the initial event of Singulosynthesis at the beginning of the universe. Increased non-temporal mass and energy (magnetized volumes of space) have been produced through Singulosynthesis and galaxies are progressive buildups of these magnetized space volumes. If the universe is comprised of 57.7135% more dark matter and no dark energy, where is this extra dark matter or extra magnetized space volume hiding? It is hiding inside of every star and galaxies are speeding up because they are converting temporal mass and energy and energy (temporally assigned magnetism) into non temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space).

The Singulosynthesis universe began with 26.7865% dark matter, 73.2135% matter, and 0% dark energy. This accounts for the 46.427% metallicity discrepancy we observe based on predictions made by other more popular cosmological models. Singulosynthesis (black hole synthesis) performs two functions in the universe. One, it recycles physical information and entropy. Two, it permanently exiles temporal mass and energy and energy (temporally assigned magnetism) into non-temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space). Since this is how I argue our universe began and the process also deterministically repeats itself, out of any black hole's 100% mass, the Singulosynthesis process should always end leaving at minimum a 26.7865% non-temporal degeneracy mass remnant of the formerly temporal neutral black hole, which is actually a magnetized volume of magnetized space. Binary black holes must maintain the relativistic binary orbital velocity of the speed of light to perform Singulosynthesis. While the process of Singulosynthesis should be ideally simulated in order to be fully understood, there are some things we can infer for the existence of this process I am arguing for. Singulosynthesis occurs at the metallicity rate we observe in the universe overtime through the reassignment of entropy and physical information and Singulosynthesis is responsible for the expansion of the universe through the conversion of temporal mass and energy and energy (temporally assigned magnetism) into non-temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space).

According to big bang cosmology, the first generation stars in the universe formed without any magnetism at all. How can you form a hydrostatic equilibrium of plasma (a star) without any magnetism to begin with? You can’t, and it is impossible despite all the cool graphics you see in TV programs. Population 3 stars are impossible entities under any version of big bang cosmology and yet the first stars had to come from somewhere. The Singulosynthesis universe begins comprised of a 26.7865 percent non-temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space). The beginning of the Singulosynthesis universe occurs at the CMBR, it is the birth of our original cosmic duality and nothing exists in our perceived Singulosynthesis universe before that point. This means at minimum 26.7865% percent of all stars are formed around magnetized volume of space which is non-temporal mass and energy.

All stars must form around a magnetized volume of space which becomes compacted into a stars internal magnetic core dynamo, and that would include our own Sun. How can we attempt to calculate what the non-temporal mass and energy (magnetized volume of space) quantity compacted within our own Sun should be?

Apply perceived percentage of dark energy to the true existing quantity of dark matter (which is actually a magnetized volume of space): 84.5 x .683 = 57.7135 % is to total magnetized volume of space produced through Singulosynthesis.

Subtract Singulosynthesis produced magnetized volume of space from currently perceived magnetized volume of space (currently called dark matter): 84.5 - 57.7135 = 26.7865% magnetized volume of space at the beginning of Singulosynthesis Universe.

The Singulosynthesis Universe Composition Beginnings

26.7865% magnetized volume of space (Singulosynthesis will always end with a magnetized volume of space and this is the best number I have right now, thanks to the Planck Satellite data)

73.2135% matter

0% dark energy

Our Suns magnetized core is made up of a compacted non-temporal mass and energy (magnetized volume of space) created during its formation. It is a non-fusible magnetic mass which not only assisted in formation, it adds to maintaining the hydrostatic equilibrium of the star.
1 solar mass x .267865 = .267865 solar mass non fusible magnetized volume of space: 53266 X10^30 kg

Our Suns has .732135 solar mass fusible mass: 1.45589 X 10^30 kg

A temporal Gravitational radius is a neutral non-temporal mass and energy (magnetized volume of space): radius as well:

2GM/c^2 = Rs (Schwarzschild Radius)

(2 (6.67384e-11) (.53266 X10^30 kg)) / 299,792,458^2 = 791.069180m

7.10977523e19 / 299,792,458^2 = 791.069180m

Calculating minimum final degeneracy for temporal neutral mass density at perceived infinite gravity

Volume of a Sphere= 4/3 Pi R^3

Volume of a Sphere = 4/3 Pi 495043536.1919463m

Volume of a Sphere = Pi 6.60058048e^8 m^3

Volume of a Sphere = 2.07363351e^9 m^3

Density = M/V

D = .53266e^30kg/2.07363351e^9 m^3

D = 2.56872778e^20 kg m^3

You need to start from somewhere. That is my mass density calculation for a magnetized volume of space to become temporally neutral mass. It is also the mass density calculation for what is now called the black hole "Singularity" which is actually a temporally neutral state of mass. Regarding space, non-temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space) abides by some different rules. A magnetized volume of space is a mass existing outside of our temporal horizon.

Once Singulosynthesis is finished and only a temporal horizon remains over the once temporally neutral mass, if a temporally neutral black hole horizon is governed by 2GM/C^2 law, the horizon of non-temporal mass and energy should be larger because it is at infinite gravity, infinite gravity does not abide by the inverse square law and therefore displaces more space 2GM/C. This is how temporally neutral mass is transferred into non temporal mass and energy in the form of magnetism within a volume of space time when Singulosynthesis ends.
Calculating a Temporal Horizon area of a non-temporal final degeneracy mass at infinite temporal gravity (magnetized volume of space)
(nt) = non temporal

The inverse square law does not apply since it is Non Temporal horizon

2GM/c = R(nt)

2GM/c = (2 (6.67384e-11) (.53266 X10^30 kg)) / 299,792,458 =

7.10977523e19/299,792,458 = 2.37156574e11 m

R (nt) = 2.37156574e11 m

R (nt) = 2.37156574e8 km

R (nt) = 237,156,574 km

This is the maximum calculated magnetized volume of space can be occupied at .53266 X10^30 kg (max volume of non-temporal mass and energy). When a star forms, this volume of magnetized space is crushed into the core dynamo of every star. Creating a large enough star from a large enough volume of magnetized space and a neutral horizon in the form of a black hole can be re-established during core collapse. While our star lacks enough mass to re-establish a temporally neutral state of mass, it is a rational starting point for considering a number of exotic magnetized objects in the universe.

Apply the same reasoning to M87's supermassive black hole, or any object with roughly calculated central black hole mass. Do you notice a pattern emerging? Now, reverse the reasoning and predict the mass of black holes in globular clusters you are looking for. Keep in mind some clusters like Westerlund 1 may not have one for understandable reasons.

This is my first attempt at a rough dimension of how non temporal mass and energy displacement occurs in the form of magnetized volume of space and is probably the cause for error range in a number of constants. While primitive, this is a business major graduate’s first attempt at calculating space time geometry. Magnetized volumes of space are displaced by converting temporal mass and energy into non temporal mass and energy through Singulosynthesis (a deterministic process that should ideally simulated). I am starting to get some numbers for my program. Mass density starting point for Rambo = fairly reasonable to me and is the beginning point for the simulation mentioned in my other paper.

If the inverse square law does not pertain to a temporally neutral gravitational horizon, it will also not pertain to mass energy equivalency for mass in a non-temporal state. The perceived effect of Dark Energy is a byproduct of converting temporal mass and energy (temporally assigned magnetism) into non temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space). Einstein's Mass Energy Equivalency assumes a temporal state since a temporal state is governed by the inverse square law C^2.

E = MC^2

Mass(temporal) Energy(temporal) equivalency

E(t) = M(t)C^2

Mass(non-temporal) Energy(non -temporal) equivalency

E(nt) = M(nt)C

Mass(non-temporal) is magnetism in a volume of a space. Mass(non-temporal) is not governed by the inverse square law for it is outside our perceived temporal horizon. E(nt) is the perceived effect of Dark Energy and progressive concentrations of magnetism as seen in galaxies as they evolve. Our universe is not speeding up due to a Dark Energy accelerating it. The universe is speeding up because it is progressively converting temporal mass and energy into non-temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space). Galaxies are progressive concentrations of magnetized space volumes created by the conversion of temporal mass and energy (temporally assigned magnetism) to non-temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space). I suspect that all non-temporal mass and energy (magnetic volumes of space) produced after the first occurrence of Singulosynthesis (which occurred at the CMBR) have produced a different charge. As galaxies increased in non-temporal mass and energy (magnetism in a volume of space) over time they have progressively repelled the original magnetized volume of space that allowed the first stars to form. There are some other possibilities in the works as well. It is through the simulation of black hole synthesis that I hope to discover if and why this is the case.

Magnetic volumes of space are compacted during stellar proto star accretion to form the internal dynamo of all stars. However, I suspect a universe model comprising of 73.2135% matter and 26.7865% magnetized space would boil over through Singulosynthesis progressively (this is like stage 4 or 5 on my simulation list). Every star ever formed had to have formed in the presence of existing magnetism, the big bang model does not have this. Forming a star in the big bang model of the universe creates 2 out comes via any model I have seen ranging from, stars blowing themselves apart during ignition before they can reach a hydro static equilibrium or all large stars collapse into an Un-nova. At present, I see a whole bunch of stars and not any Un-nova’s have yet to been observed. The internal magnetic field of all stars cause’s drag on a star’s rotation is not generated completely by core fusion. All stars have the burden of needing enough core mass to crush through existing compacted volumes of magnetized space which exists today in the core of every star. Certain type 1a supernovas offer an opportunity to reveal a non-temporal degeneracy mass around which a star once formed.

Unlike any other form of super nova, a type 1a remnant or event with a known existing companion star will leave behind a non-compacted magnetized volume of space we can indirectly observe. It is the magnetized volume of space around which the star had formed. For the sake of modeling I will use Tycho's remnant as a guide. Since type 1a supernovas occur at the Chandrasekhar limit of 1.44 solar masses my cosmology predicts a minimum of a .3857256 solar mass magnetized volume of space within the remnant, it is what the star formed around. Following the path from the remnants blast shadow created by a companion star, past the companion star will lead you to the vicinity of the progenitor star's original magnetized volume of space. Lurking within Tycho's remnant 8 - 9.8k light years away will be a .3857256 solar mass magnetized volume of space. This object will be transparent and may gravitationally lens light in the way galactic scale dark matter does. All type 1a supernova remnants with identified companion stars should have these non-compacted magnetized volumes of space if my ideas have any basis in reality.

I suspect Einstein's choice to invoke a cosmological constant when describing the energy density of the universe was not so much a blunder as it was an act of self comfort. A universe governed by a cosmological constant is more intellectually palatable than one that is deterministically converting temporal mass into non temporal mass (the perceived force of magnetism) at roughly the rate of the hubble constant.

I also suspect that when Einstein looked through the 100 inch at Mt. Wilson he was less concerned by the fact he had been incorrect as he was disturbed by the implications of what he was observing. Quantum mechanics is incomplete and there is only one way to complete it, a simulation. There are other things I am working on but I would hate to spoil the surprise.

'When one of our inevitable super-geniuses of the future discovers some new mankind-annihilating device, and this genius is insane, perhaps undetectably insane, he will willingly perish as he murders the rest'. - Harlow Shapley

Farsight, can you please point out where I am in error?

How about them apples?

Jimmy Vick

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you are showing the exponential form of large numbers incorrectly. you shouldn't show .53266X10^30. It should be 5.3266X10^29.

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Hey, what's a factor of ten between friends?

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