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When do you do the actual Sketch?

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Posted 06 April 2014 - 04:57 AM

I try to do my sketching at the eyepiece using a small table. I use a stiff black sketching paper. Lately, I have been using soft white china markers for galaxies and my finger to soften the image. I try not to use a red LED while actually sketching, but if I do I keep it very low. I may also try soft white artist pencils again.
It was windy but clear last Monday night. So I had to keep charts, drawing material in the car and go back and forth to draw and check charts, with just scope and observing chair exposed to the wind. A lot of extra trouble, but I managed to get some sketching done. Last night it was clear and calm, but this time I had dew and frost to deal with. Still, I got some nice sketches of some Com/Virgo galaxies.

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Posted 06 April 2014 - 06:58 AM

Yikes Dave - be sure to cover the fresnel by day lest the sun burns an impression all its own!!!


Yes Pete you were right to point out this hazard! Almost got my timepiece melted: (on the left side on the drawing board in my previous post/attachment).

Usually not a consideration with me as I avoid direct high sun in the observatory as much as possible. But I was caught out a couple of years back during some roof maintenance and the cloud broke unexpectedly – luckily saw the smoke off the timepiece in time and pushed the Fresnel up over the drawing board lid/shield: what I had carelessly failed to do the night before.

As you indicate a powerful ‘burning glass’ and just a fraction longer .…….!! The set button still works – with difficulty – but fortunately it keeps good time.

See attachment.

Thank you Carlos for those kind words -I too have a good memory for detail (semi-photographic I call it) and feel that this can develop in all of us with continued practice - in particular I flatter myself that I can carry a tint/hue in my head for some considerable time; even so try to get it recorded as soon as I can.

I suppose my method of aiming to get it all (or most) at the scope developed during my bakery days (retired now). Then I had to quickly close down and head off; dayshifts 4:30-5 a.m. – nightshift weeks: 8 p.m and sooner. So the more finished the less the stress worrying about any delayed finishing; and if I had done such I would have indicated it in any reporting - BAA etc.

As I say practice is the key.


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