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Celestron AVX All Star Polar Alignment question

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#1 EricP


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Posted 05 June 2014 - 02:05 PM

Hello all. I'm a new AVX owner, and I'm wondering how to perform an ASPA. I've seen many comments on how effective it is, but cannot find any instructions in the manual on how to do it. Am I overlooking the obvious?

I'm hoping it can improve my pointing accuracy. I have a limited view of the sky (there always seems to be a tree between me and a recommended alignment star :p). Will ASPA help in this regard?


#2 oldstargazer


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Posted 05 June 2014 - 02:43 PM

If the hand control is like that of the CG5 then there is a button on top left that says align and you will find the routine there. You need to be sure the bubble is fairly centered in the level, the mount is reasonably close to north before starting the align process. During the alignment make a note of the stars used for that purpose. If the last one you use won't work then try one of the others you were on before.
The aspa won't matter as much at the beginning of your session as it does at the end. After you have gone through the alignment and the aspa then have it goto some object that you will know when you are on it. Then do a sync to that object and all other gotos should be right on the money from that point.

#3 mclewis1


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Posted 05 June 2014 - 02:48 PM

"Polar Aligning" (page 29) in the manual describes the process.

It's very straight forward. You just need to use a named star relatively close to the celestial equator high in the south. In this position the alt az motions of the mount make the movements of the star more straightforward.

#4 Chilihead


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Posted 05 June 2014 - 05:34 PM


I've had my AVX for just a couple months now. I was hesitant to try ASPA because the goto was working great with a standard Two Star Align.

Do a Two Star Align and add 3 or 4 calibration stars. Press Align and then the down arrow twice, that should display Polar Align. Press Enter then down arrow once, it should say Align Mount. Press Enter.

It will display a warning. If you press enter it will slew to a star. When it's finished use the Altitude and Azimuth knobs at the base of the mount to center the star in the eyepiece. When you're done, your mount is aligned to north.

Return to the home position and turn off the mount. Turn it back on and do another Two Star Align with 3 or 4 calibrations stars. You're done.

Goto's will be much better now.

After I had done mine I marked circles on the ground in my driveway where the tripod legs go.

Good luck and have fun.


#5 rmollise



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Posted 05 June 2014 - 05:39 PM

One more step. After you do your goto alignment, slew the scope to a star in the south. Don't center it, just goto it. THEN...start the routine from the Align button...

#6 EricP


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Posted 06 June 2014 - 05:32 PM

Thanks to everyone for your quick, and helpful, replies! I never looked in the back of the manual, because I thought from page 25 on, it only described the setup of the OTA and finders.

Next clear night I get, I'll try it. I may have more questions after that. :thinking:


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