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Go-To or not to Go-To

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Posted 09 September 2014 - 09:27 PM

If you have it use it - you will see more objects per evening.


If you don't know the sky consider it, see above.


If you know the sky and know how to read the charts and find objects, you don't need it, will have fun learning sky and finding objects, will never be lost; but will be limited in number of objects per evening.


Enjoy the hobby!

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Posted 10 September 2014 - 01:56 PM

It's relevant to know that there is a statistical trend in the answer to this frequently asked (but good) question.


People that don't have go-to:

 Tend to say they don't need or want it

 Tend to have dobs where go-to was not readily available when they purchased their scope

 Tend to say they do not need or want a tracking scope because they can manually track at high powers (300x, 400x and higher).


People that have go-to:

 Tend to say they would not be with-out it


For me, this was my first go-to scope and I will never again not have a go-to scope as my primary scope (for many reasons).



That post says it all...


I cut my teeth star hopping on a "less than entry-level"  EQ mount in the 80's, that was not fun, was not educational, and was not sustainable (as a hobby).  Ultimately that pain had me leave the hobby for more than a few decades.

After watching my first GOTO mount perform phantom slews in the living-room I was more than hooked, when it actually worked outside and easily nailed one object after another I was head over heels.


My take on this, I'm a middle aged old timer who learned all of the stars of the nights sky the hard way,  I know where most of the messier objects are by pointing, and at one time I knew the RA and Dec setting for about half of them off of the top of my head.

With in the first week with my new GOTO mount I saw and learned more then the 3 years I spent star hopping and fighting setting circles.


I've done both,  put me down 100% in the "GOTO, I would not be without it" camp.

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Posted Yesterday, 05:58 PM

I have GoTo on some scopes and not on others... I don't need it to find objects or enjoy, it is a nice to have when I feel like it, so I classify it as a 'luxury'. So to answer the question, "to GoTo or not", I will take both please! :D


One thing I do need, however, is tracking. So even if I am not using a GoTo scope/mount (which all have tracking of course), I do find that I am now spoiled and do not want to observe with out tracking. So out come the EQ platforms for my dobs that don't have GoTo/tracking already.

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