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Best Threads in Solar System Imaging & Processing

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#1 Charlie Hein

Charlie Hein

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Posted 17 February 2007 - 10:04 AM

We see some threads with really useful information show up all the time here in Solar System Imaging & Processing. Many times we get requests to make these threads "Sticky", so that they're always accessible to the readers of the forum.

Unfortunately, there's only so much free space on the first page of the forum to show these "stickies", so in response to this we've created the "Best Threads" List.

Here's how this will work... if you see a thread that you feel really deserves to be placed in the "Best Threads" List, then contact a moderator by PM to point him or her to the thread so that the moderator can evaluate it. If the Moderator agrees that the link deserves a place on the list then a link to the thread will be placed here.

Over time these links will grow into a list. The moderators will be the sole maintainers of the list - this thread will be locked for other postings to keep things as neat as possible, and the moderators will continue to organize the list over time as it grows.

Ok, so here are the gotchas:

Threads cannot be added to this list if any violations of the Cloudy Nights Terms of Service exist in the thread.

Likewise, links will be removed from this list (at least temporarily) for any violations of the CN TOS that take place in the thread after it has been added to the list. The moderators may elect to help to restore such a link to the list by editing the thread to remove the objectionable material. However, once such an event occurs the thread will be locked to prevent further posts.

Folks who have contributed in a significant way to a thread that is already in or nominated for the "Best Threads" List may elect to lock the thread at any time to avoid this possibility altogether. In this case the moderators will decide on a case by case basis whether to lock the thread right there or create a poll to determine if there is a consensus for locking the thread among all the contributors.

The moderators also reserve the option of locking threads in the list that have gone static or that obviously cannot be added to in a material way, or for any other significant reason that hasn't occurred to us yet. In such an occasion, if a user feels that they have something to add to any such locked thread, they can contact a moderator to request that the thread be unlocked temporarily so that additional post(s) may be added to the thread. The moderator will determine on a case by case basis if this is warranted.

The moderators likewise reserve the option of editing or even removing threads in the list to fix broken links or removing incorrect or out of date information.

So - if you know of a thread that deserves to be put on the list, PM a moderator. We'll have a look at it as soon as we can!


#2 Charlie Hein

Charlie Hein

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Posted 17 February 2007 - 10:05 AM

Here is the Solar System Imaging & Processing "Best Threads" List. As it grows over time this list will be organized for easier use!

CloudyNights Terms of Service and Disclaimer

CloudyNights Privacy Policy

CloudyNights Image Posting Guidelines

Lunar and Planetary Imaging Links

Planetary Image Processing Tutorial by rumples riot

Virtual Dub / Win Ninox Automation Help

#3 Richard McC

Richard McC


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Posted 15 March 2012 - 05:37 AM

Suggested by Jeff (GreatGigInTheSky):
  • Anyone using Registax for wavelet processing could benefit from knowing the information here (subjects: Registax "realign with processed" and how many align points is optimal?).
  • Anyone with a color TIS cam would benefit from knowing the information in this thread (subjects: color debayering and ring artifacts) and this thread (subjects: color debayering and FireCapture, including comments from FireCapture's author).
  • How to avoid bad edge on Mars?
Another thread related to the last one above.

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