(scholastic sledgehammer)
04/02/13 11:15 PM
Testing my eyepieces head to head......how?

I was out with my 102mm f/9.8 refractor 2 nights ago.
But I was trying to have a shoot out between my Pentax XW and Ex Sci and Baader Ortho 'similars' and outside of the eye relief of the Pentax, and the different FOVs, I couldn't really tell the difference in VISUAL object comparison. I was using Jupiter, M3, M42, and the double cluster. I want to sell one or the other, but can't decide. Seems the the Pentax focuses slightly easier, but has that overly huge eye relief, difficult eye placement and no eye cup, (at least for me personally) I have a lot of neighbors lights and so that's a problem. Right now I just have this refractor and a C14.
Seems like the ES shows a touch more false color, but I can't be sure of that, especially with my bad eyes. Any thoughts? They are:
ES 4.7 vs Pentax XW 5mm
ES 6.7 vs Pentax XW 7mm
ES 9mm 100 degree vs Pentax 10mm vs Baader 10mm

I won't get rid of the ES 9mm 100 degree.

How do you 'test' eyepieces?


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