Kokatha man
04/04/13 10:19 PM
Re: Other images, animations W/Jupos from that night!

.....just a quick "post script" from in the field: imaged out in the Mallee again this morning employing 6000mm f/l and managed some fairly nice avi sets with an emphasis or capturing several in a row for a W/Jupos compilation.....after that the seeing took a substantial dip but we'll try again tonight/tomorrow morning: earlier looks better as although seeing is supposed to remain very high all night the transparency is meant to dive anytime between 1:30am & 4:30am.....

For anyone local on CN we take our SkippySky "forecasts" from the Stockport zone which gives a very in-depth analysis of this region of the Murray Mallee.....

ps: we won't post that other WinJupos I spoke of earlier untill we return home tomorrow or the next day...

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