01/12/13 04:12 AM
Re: Some Doubles in Tau and a bonus

Fred, thanks - will add these observations do my data set of limit observations. I assume NEML near 6 as especially the BU 1040 observations suggests. +11.5mag would be for me with my ever present light pollution already too dim for resolution, even BU 91 with the +10.6mag companion would be rather hard for me.
The current RoT model is probably biased by my light pollution situation and therefore a bit too pessimistic. This suspicion is substantiated by the fact that it adds rather too few mm to the required aperture for a quite bad NEML value - this made me curious already earlier when I checked the model for all significant different parameter values. Will have to give greater weight to light pollution.
Additional observations will be greatly appreciated. I can make similar lists for other constellations also for any given aperture between 1-6" scopes.

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