03/16/13 11:44 AM
Re: What to get a 1st grader

I think a funscope /firstscope 76mm is a fantastic idea as well. Also consider a baby-dob Orion 'Goscope' 70mm 80mm
refractor variant if the budget can stretch a bit more, that way it can be a bit more practical for observing nature during the daylight hours with as well (which we are invariably getting more and more of as we speak ).

And a nice small lightweight binocular with close enough IP distance is a great idea too, perhaps a scope AND binocular? Or is that spoiling too much .. perhaps spread it out and give some now, some at a later date.

And don't forget the books of course, my goodness! There are so many. Here is a potential one among the zillions to get you started browsing what's out there ...
That would be the second most important part (I tend to fixate on gear though first and foremost, sorry), second most after your time and energy, as John mentioned above!

I wish someone did this for me when I was a tot, lucky niece!!

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