(professor emeritus)
02/03/13 09:08 PM
Re: Losmandy Encoders

The Questar 7 Encoder Kit on eBay did not sell. I did some checking on the person that made it, "Jim's Mobile". The instruction sheet that came with the Q7 kit says it is a JMI kit (now that is interesting). That probably means Jim's Mobile is JMI. The below reference was made in some of my prior Posts.

"Call Jim's Mobile (303-233-5353) for their compatible Computer Models etc."

Maybe Jim might give us some information as to an avenue for encoder packages for the Losmandy G-11 seeing that he also produced them in the past.

There is a posting on Yahoo about Rene' waiting for information on the motor encoders to allow him to max the torque on all three Losmandy motor types. The name "Aveox" was in the Post. That means Aveox is probably the producer of the new Losmandy motors. They also make gearboxes. I've seen many of their motors on electric RC model airplanes. Please note that these are not the encoders that show mount position but are used in the actual drive motors on the mount.


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