Jon Isaacs
07/13/13 10:55 AM
Re: Ugh! Tubes won't mount OTA! HELP!




Might I ask why you want to use an equatorial mount in Alt/Az?

... Alt-Az has less awkward viewing positions...

That may apply to a Newtonian reflector, with its eyepiece coming asymmetrically out the side of the tube, but I don't see why that would be true for a refractor, like the example here, or other straight-through design like the Cassegrain variants. When looking at a given object, the tube will have the same orientation relative to ground regardless of the geometry of the mount; the eyepiece has the same angle and about the same height. Why would one be more awkward than the other?

It may have a similar orientation to the ground but it can be lower or higher depending on where you are looking. But it's the orientation relative to the mount and tripod plus the rotation of the tube that can be awkward. The finder(s) rotates, the focuser rotates and the scope and observer can end up tangling up with the tripod.

As far as tracking, if one is manually tracking with slow motion controls, the difference between an alt-az and an EQ mount is simply one hand versus two...


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