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07/22/12 02:21 PM
Re: 10"F/4.6 MakCass with 23% C.O.


At F14.6 you are looking at a small market these days so I wouldn't bother with a 10" go straight to a 12" or larger if you really want to make one or two. I would recommend you put your design skills and resources into a F8 corrected cassigrain-quarz mirrors-very nice, much larger market interest.


I am not on the market for a CAT right now (open tubes are totally out of the question), but...
I would prefer a faster scope (f/8 to f/10) with larger CO.
But I think the big key for success is cool-down time.
Roland said many times his Maks have a secret trick to make them cool much faster. I think even equivalent Aries Maks do not have this trick. That is why till now AP Maks have no competition.
Markus, do you know what this secret trick is, and what are your plans regarding cool-down?

But, thinking better, what the world needs is a visual-photo Ricardi-Honders at F/8. That would be something! THE dream scope if it includes the cooling fix.
An F/8 RH with cooling fix would take the world by storm. I think one day all mass-market CATs (Celestron, Meade, whoever) will al be like that. Now, there is a window period of many years with no one offering them. When it comes, I will be there!


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