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different Syndrome.

Reged: 06/18/05

Loc: Vancouver, Canada
Re: EQ6 Altitude Adjustment new [Re: PGW Steve]
      #5314957 - 07/12/12 07:57 PM


I had a bolt bend on my EQ6, those things are soft!

To solve the problem, I fired up my CAD software and designed a new base to replace the old one. I had planned on marketing it but, speaking with a vendor, it sounds like he wanted it for free. I'm talking a well thought out, precision machined piece, that turned me off from doing it.

It's all machined from billet aluminum, and has 1/2" fine stainless alt bolts. The main feature is the alt bolts can be moved to different positions based on latitude to allow them a staight push on the 'tongue'.

I also made a new Dec nut that allowed me to screw in a 1.125" shaft, and bore out the counterweights and install bronze sleeves. I've put my FSQ and Coronado double stack on it with 43 pounds of weight, and can make fine adjustments to the alt axis with buttery smooth feel.

Perhaps in the future I can make a large run of these and pin down a price. As it was I only made 3 complete base/nut/shaft assemblies. It really takes the EQ6/Atlas to a new level, putting the alt/az adjustments on par with something from AP.

Because it is modular, I had planned on a tripod/stock type replacement, and a pier version.

Some day!!

Sounds interesting! It would be great to see a proto-type!

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Carpal Tunnel

Reged: 08/17/07

Loc: Hazy Hollow, Western WA
Re: EQ6 Altitude Adjustment new [Re: dvb]
      #5315011 - 07/12/12 08:33 PM

For the azimuth here's what I did: I removed the black paint on the mount base and the tripod top plate. I then sanded and polished both surfaces. Motion in azimuth is now very smooth and precise. It is the altitude that has always confounded me.


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Reged: 02/09/10

Loc: Highland, IL
Re: EQ6 Altitude Adjustment new [Re: bluedandelion]
      #5315916 - 07/13/12 12:00 PM

I had a serious bent bolt problem as well, replaced with SS bolts and used a rachet. I have since replaced them again with the padded bolts from Astrotniks, both AZ and ALT....big help!

Someone stated above and this I have learned; exercise care when adjusting the ALT, don't tighten without loosening, and help with pressure on the counterweight bar if necessary. Not a problem since!

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Reged: 11/20/12

Re: EQ6 Altitude Adjustment new [Re: Refractor6]
      #5530512 - 11/20/12 03:59 PM

Hi there,

I've just joined the forum motivated by a google search re similar problem. I found a contribution by jareb on this but process of registering etc cannot find original post, it will have to do here...Would've been the following post:

"Thanks Jareb for the great heads ups on that one. Just got delivery of NEQ6 and ran into the altitude adjustment bolt problem. It was very stiff and seemed to lock completely after turning it with adjuster azimuth bolts through a few degrees.

Somewhat concerned reading posts here and elsewhere re need for replacement hex bolts and possible thread damage and other mods.

Your post fixed it for me and as simple as you say. Empty mount of everything. Extend out the weight bar. Position the bar so its pointing upward at its highest point. Loosen those azimuth adjuster bolts and back them off a bit. Now gently press downward on the bar and notice how the adjuster bolts change from the resistance of stone to butter. Doing this in small increments of 4 degrees or so WORKED a treat , thanks and got my 53 degrees altitude in no time. 'Tiltmeter 'and compass free iPhone apps work well with useful if you cant get polar alignment due to confined space eg attic :-)
Above will get you going and not destroy your bolts. For more precise alignments without polaris or with polaris use the drift method covered elsewhere.


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Reged: 11/20/12

Re: EQ6 Altitude Adjustment new [Re: Refractor6]
      #5530532 - 11/20/12 04:07 PM

I was of course referring to rmollisse post #5309386 - 07/09/12 08:12 AM for his simple solution that worked for me as well. Thanks rmollisse, nice one:-)

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Reged: 11/20/12

Re: EQ6 Altitude Adjustment new [Re: lezarb]
      #5530555 - 11/20/12 04:21 PM

rmollisse (#5309386 - 07/09/12 08:12 AM) I inadvertently named jareb, anyways ta again rmollisse, it worked.

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professor emeritus

Reged: 10/28/07

Loc: LaPorte, IN
Re: EQ6 Altitude Adjustment new [Re: lezarb]
      #5530597 - 11/20/12 04:39 PM

I have a C11 most of the time on my Atlas. Early on it was hard to move the altitude bolts. I pulled both of the adjusting bolts out and coated the tips and threads with SuperLube and never had an issue since. No problem at all adjusting it even with the C11 and 33lbs of counter weights all mounted.

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scholastic sledgehammer

Reged: 06/17/08

Loc: United Kingdom
Re: EQ6 Altitude Adjustment new [Re: Pauls72]
      #5530735 - 11/20/12 06:08 PM

The UK supplier of the bolts with the ratchet handle is astro developments, google it and they will appear. I have no connection with them at all other than being a satisfied customer.

Something else to think about is the standard front bolt from astro developments can be too long and foul the weights depending on your setup...this was the case with my HEQ5 so I had astro developments make me a shorter front bolt. It means at a lower latitude it would be useless but as the furthest South I could go without walking on water would be 51' its not a problem.

Weirdly last weekend I spent fun time sawing an alt bolt out lf a CG5 thats been wrecked.....sighs

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Reged: 03/25/10

Loc: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Re: EQ6 Altitude Adjustment new [Re: IanD]
      #5531398 - 11/21/12 12:31 AM


I've got an 11" Edge SCT mounted on my EQ6 and I'm having a bit of an issue. If anyone owes an EQ6 you probably have noticed the difficulty in adjusting the altitude. Its absolutely terrible with a 30 lbs telescope and counterweights on it (necessary for accurate drift alignment).

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions or creative solutions to easing my altitude pains?

I had two EQ6 pros in the past and I never had an issue with bending bolts or even stiction however, I did perform a couple of minor tweaks which I picked up from the EQ6 yahoogroups. Both scopes I used were heavy. One was a C11 and the other was a Tak Toa130.

The first thing to do if the mount is difficult to move in alt is to access the grub screws under the plastic side cover as Ed showed a few posts back. All you have to do is to loosened them once. Loosen them just enough so the movements by hand are nice and easy, glue the cover back on and you're good to go. The hardest part is removing the cover without cracking it. I used a little lube on the adjustment bolts to ensure they move easily as well. Finally, make sure your scope is counterbalanced properly. These mods work great, I didn't have to lift the counterweight shaft once the mods were performed either. Another tip is to apply a little lube under the the base of the mount this allows the azimuth to move easily.

If you're not comfortable doing such mods, consider sending the mount to Ed Thomas and it will come back better than new


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Pat at home

Reged: 03/16/07

Loc: Campbellton, New Brunswick, Ca...
Re: EQ6 Altitude Adjustment new [Re: FaronD]
      #5532739 - 11/21/12 05:54 PM Attachment (12 downloads)

I upgraded the altitude bolts with hardware store bolts and epoxied a wooden knob on the ends, no ratchet or box end wrench needed.

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