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Reged: 12/14/12

Loc: Northern Illinois
Re: Televue 60 - Any Thoughts? new [Re: Deep13]
      #5671540 - 02/09/13 10:53 PM

I appreciate everyone's input.

Unfortunately, I am working with very little budget, and the Televue meets it pretty well. I might be able to squeeze a current Takahashi, but the finder and finder bracket are pretty expensive for what they are. I still have to pay for a diagonal and an eyepiece or two.

I should start lurking for something used.



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professor emeritus

Reged: 11/16/09

Re: Televue 60 - Any Thoughts? new [Re: KarlL]
      #5671544 - 02/09/13 10:59 PM

There's a used finder and bracket for the Tak on the mart....

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Reged: 06/09/11

Re: Televue 60 - Any Thoughts? new [Re: Madratter]
      #5675619 - 02/12/13 11:13 AM

I've looked for Takahashi FS60, short focal ratio, and seen pictures muy.muy beautiful, aesthetically speaking, both wide field and lunar and planetary, however, are 60mm, and what we can not do is compare telescopes larger diameter.
I also commented that the images I saw this telescope, I liked more than the images provided by some larger telescope, less bright but more aesthetic ..!
Unfortunately I could not see for the TV60 .. I would really like!
a greeting

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Reged: 09/30/06

Loc: Westminster,Co Elev.5400 feet
Re: Televue 60 - Any Thoughts? new [Re: curiosidad]
      #5675988 - 02/12/13 02:46 PM

Hello and Welcome Karl

My thoughts are provided that a 60mm telescope isn't one's primary or only telescope,there is not a thing wrong with choosing this particular model. A quality grab and go setup is nice thing to have in ones arsenal. Obviously using a small aperture scope isn't comparable as to what details can be resolved in a 5 to 6 inch or larger telescope scope,but that isn't always or even usually my objective when going out for many an observing session in my backyard. I'm wanting a setup that will be taken outdoors at the drop of a hat as to minimise the effort,one that requires little to no "cool down" time and with one short enough focal length as to priority for low power,widefield viewing using a 2 inch eyepiece. Adding a 2X barlow will still enable me to still split a fair number of double stars and observe the cloud bands on Jupiter. During the daytime these make handy and effective wildlife viewing scopes.

If I'm after trying to resolve globular clusters such as M13,obtaining the most detailed planetary views or trying to split the tightest double stars on a night of very steady seeing,this type setup never goes outdoors. A 10 to 12 inch dobsonian is the tool of choice for me,and it's important to choose the right telescope for the job. Owning more than one telescope is the key to enjoying this hobby IMO, as one telescope can't do it all.

Having said the above,this little telescope is on the pricey end of the scale as to my budget, for no more aperture that it has. I really like 60mm refractors, but just not for a $900.00 investment when purchased new. It is super compact in size,actually more compact than I need and I much prefer an 80mm aperture size for a grab and go type setup if more than $300.00 is going to be invested in a purchase,but that's just me.

What works for me may well not work for others,or yourself. Good luck with your choice and enjoy!

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bob gunnerson

Reged: 11/13/08

Re: Televue 60 - Any Thoughts? new [Re: plyscope]
      #5679545 - 02/14/13 01:52 PM

The 60 mm Televue is an excellent little refractor in a very small package. I added a 30mm finder mounted on a bracket attached adjacent to the 60mm to be able to rapidly find new objects. It works great. Bob

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Reged: 06/09/11

Re: Televue 60 - Any Thoughts? new [Re: Madratter]
      #5682867 - 02/16/13 06:15 AM

I wanted to ask a few questions I have about this little TV 60:

-It is true that the grease in the focuser can get very stiff on cold nights?

-In daylight, is has the same
perfection in watching birds as the Swarovski(or any alpha spotting) spotting scopes.?

-The TV60's helical focuser has 1.5 turns. With This focuser, can be focus from infinity to 10 meters.
If the bird is nearer than 10 meters
then I have to use the extension tube.?
Thank you very much.

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John Rhodes
Vendor (Televue Rep)

Reged: 02/21/06

Loc: Torrance, CA.
Re: Televue 60 - Any Thoughts? new [Re: curiosidad]
      #5687218 - 02/18/13 04:01 PM

I have used the TV 60 ( and the rest) down to freezing at the various star partys I go to from Oki-Tex to Table Mountain in Washington to RTMC at 7200 feet in Big Bear CA and never had the grease freeze.

Here is a good link to Cornell's ornithology report on our scope as used for birding... (great review btw)

The TV 60 has a built in draw tube that allows a close focus of about 10 feet last time I measured,...
Using our 60 degree diagonal and a 3.5 Nagler.

But it will depend on which components you are using it should be very close to that.
I focused on a spider in a bush 10 feet away at over 100X ... Amazing

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Reged: 09/06/13

Loc: SE Pennsylvania
Re: Televue 60 - Any Thoughts? new [Re: John Rhodes]
      #6223140 - 11/29/13 10:48 AM


I am in much the same position as you and chose a Tele Vue 60 as my only scope. It's perfect for astro observations requiring fast setup/takedown in my driveway, yard, and local observing spot. It's also an amazing [although not weatherproof] spotting scope. The whole rig is light enough to hoof into the local woods, Hawk Mountain, or to French Creek State Park to observe wildlife. Plus, it's nice to have the option for using it as a telephoto photographic lens. The optics are close to perfect as long as the seeing conditions permit. It's a fast f ratio and takes a moderate amount of magnification very well [again, conditions permitting], and gives extremely sharp wide field/lo power views with a 32mm Plossl.

There are others here who offer some some logical reasons on why they wouldn't recommend a 60mm as their only scope, but from where I sit, it's difficult to argue why one wouldn't want this scope as their only scope! I say it's a great choice. The Tak is also a beautiful scope with similar attributes, but requires a larger investment. Eventually, I'd like a Tak for astrophotography/observation, but for now, this Tele Vue is the better choice for me based on price, performance, support, quality, portability, ease of use, versatility, supporting local/regional small businesses, etc.

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super member

Reged: 01/31/05

Loc: Monterey, CA
Re: Televue 60 - Any Thoughts? new [Re: Madratter]
      #6224213 - 11/29/13 09:06 PM

As I've said here before, I have a 10in. Dob, but the most enjoyable viewing of my 71 years was in the Australian outback under very dark skies with my TV 60mm and a 9mm Nagler
Just wonderful, even Omega centarii was partially resolved.
You will need a bigger scope but the TV 60 is the BEST grab and go I can think of.
Tom in CA

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Jeff Gardner

Reged: 09/12/11

Re: Televue 60 - Any Thoughts? new [Re: tlogan6680]
      #6224503 - 11/30/13 01:35 AM

I have owned a TV 60 7 months and have had a blast with it. WAY exceeded my expectations of what the scope is capable of. I have other scopes that are larger and probably would not recommend it as an only scope.
Here is my initial post from first light:,All_Forums,&Words=&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Main=5826433&Search=true&where=&Name=202541&daterange=&newerval=&newertype=&olderval=&oldertype=&bodyprev=#Post5826433

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