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Reged: 02/01/06

Re: CG-4 dual axis drives power: 12v to 6v converter? new [Re: Yun-Oh]
      #6353504 - 02/03/14 03:27 PM

I know this seems like a lot, but this is the charger that I use.

Once you start using these kinds of high quality rechargables, you realize that there is no need to buy throw away batteries anyomre, and you start wanting to use them in in everything.

I now have AA and AAA MiMh batteries in my Remotes, computer mouse(s), flashlights (I only by LED flashlights now that work with AA batteries.. I have a Cree that will blind you it is so bright) Telrad, and just about anytying else I can.

I have not had to buy a disposable battery in years.

While these chargers seem expensive, they charge fast and they tell you exactly how much charge the batteries took.

They can also let you pair batteries by capacity (if you have one battery that runs low before the others then you get less run out of a pack).

Anyway, if you decide you like these, consider gettting some more of these "Pre-charged" batteries for other things around the house and investing in a high quality charger/conditioner to get the most out of them.

Mh Battery Charger

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Jon Isaacs

Reged: 06/16/04

Loc: San Diego and Boulevard, CA
Re: CG-4 dual axis drives power: 12v to 6v converter? new [Re: Eddgie]
      #6353506 - 02/03/14 03:28 PM


I am to at a loss as to why this particular motor/controller is so battery hungry.

I am also surprised that batteries are not lasting longer. My old Orion AstroView, same basic thing, lasts quite a long time with even standard D cells. Alkaline Batteries have a capacity of between 12amp hours and 18 amp hours. If they are only lasting 6 hours, that says the controller is drawing more than an amp on a continuous basis, that seems like a lot of juice.

I did disconnect that Dec drive on mine as Eric suggested. I didn't do it to save power, I did because the drives are so slow and for visual it's quicker and more reliable to slew manually.


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Reged: 02/01/06

Re: CG-4 dual axis drives power: 12v to 6v converter? new [Re: Eddgie]
      #6353518 - 02/03/14 03:31 PM

And if you are going to keep a spare pack, you may be able to get away with less expensive batteries. The Eneloop 2000s cost much less.

You may decide that three sets of 2000s makes more sets than two sets of 2500s.

I am very curious as to why your drives use so much.

I can run the single axis of my Vixen Polaris (one 9 volt battery) for about 24 hours on that one battery!

I recently left it on one day after doiing some solar observing and went out the next day to observe, and the darn thing was still runnin! Amazing.

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Reged: 01/14/12

Loc: Riverview, FL
Re: CG-4 dual axis drives power: 12v to 6v converter? new [Re: Eddgie]
      #6353921 - 02/03/14 06:19 PM


Thank you so much for detailed input. I ran another test yesterday with the rechargeable batteries fully charged again, and this time it lasted about 12 hours. The light on the controller started to blink at about 7 hour mark (voltage drops to 1.2v each), and it still lasted 5 more hours (voltage is about 1.0v each when the light turned red).

It is a good sign and more consistent with your results.

However, I think the problem with this particular controller is that it draws so much more power when the 4x or 8x speeds are used. I didn't touch the buttons at all yesterday, and it lasted significantly longer than the day before when I played with the 4x and 8x speeds. The controller normally draws about 400mA with only RA tracking, but it suddenly jumps to 3.5A when a slew button is pressed at 8x. This kind of sudden change just kills the battery, I believe.

So the lesson is that use the buttons as little as possible... With only tracking, the rechargeables would last a whole night.

Well, the good news is that with two days of testing, I haven't fried the controller. The tracking is good and even more consistent than the regular batteries because the rechargeables maintain 1.2v voltage for a long time before it kind of abruptly drops to 1.0v, while regular ones continuously drops in voltage at all times.

With these test results, I think your advice is dead on. I will buy 2000mA ones rather than the 2500mA ones, and it should work fine just for tracking. Charger is not a big deal because I am going to keep one set fully charged at all times, so I can just charge the used one during the day.

In summary, I believe the design of this controller cut too many corners on protection and safety to function reliably with various power sources. At least we figured out an alternative to regular D-cell batteries, so I will settle with that. And the battery pouch is way lighter with these AA rechargeables in spacers.

Thanks everyone for your input!

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Reged: 02/01/06

Re: CG-4 dual axis drives power: 12v to 6v converter? new [Re: Yun-Oh]
      #6355114 - 02/04/14 09:17 AM

Happy to help. And again, if your cable uses a 9 volt connector, you can get the plastic holders in the link I sent you and have a backup pack at all time.

At least you are not going to be buying a bunch of D cell batteries every time you use the scope, and that is the beauty of these high quality rechargables. Even if you have to change batteries, you are still not having to buy disposables time after time after time.

And I too like the very small size.

Using the 6 cell hodler (dummy battery is you only want to run 5), you can velcro it to the RA housing and not have any cables or batteries hanging down.

Since this is a non-Go-To though, there should not be any issue with just swapping a pack out with a standby pack. That is what I do. I have two packs and I just snap one off and plug the other one in.

Now my packs are 10 AAs, so a lot of money for batteries, but normally I use a 12 vod 7 ah battery.

I keep these handy because sometimes I forget to plug in my 7 ah battery after a session to recharge, and the AA packs make sure that I always have something I can run the scopes with.

I also have a cable with two 9 vdc connectors on the end which allows me to either run two packs at once, or just hot swap (plug the second pack, unplug the first pack) so I don't loose alignment.

As I mentioned though I have a box of these batteries that I use around the house so I always have spares charged for when I need to replace remote or whatever.

You can also buy 8 and 10 bay chargers.

Hope this works for you. At least you won't be buying D cell batteries by the box anymore.

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