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Announcements and News about the Forum Announcements and News Threads Posts Last post
Cloudy Nights Announcements (3 viewing)
  News from the Cloudy Nights team pertaining to the website and forums
620 1157 * Re: Interested in being a ...
    (WaterMaster) - 03/22/14 10:22 AM
Discussion of CN Articles, Reviews, and Reports (5 viewing)
  A place to discuss the articles posted on Cloudy Nights
   Moderator:  iceblaze 
2083 25924 * Re: Takahashi Mewlon 210 R...
    (S Gazer) - 04/14/14 10:29 AM
Celestial Events (4 viewing)
  Welcome to Celestial Events, a bulletin board for announcements about currently or soon to be observable astronomical events. Need a finder chart for that bright comet? Want to know when the next meteor shower will peak? Looking for suggestions on what to observe? Visit regularly for answers to all your questions about what's happening now in the celestial show. If folks want to discuss these events, the staff of Cloudy Nights invites you to start or join a thread in the appropriate observing forum. Celestial Events is for announcements only.
   Moderator:  Dave Mitsky 
162 199 * Lunar Eclipse
    (astronomylife) - 04/09/14 11:13 PM
These core forums are what Cloudy Nights is all about:! General Astronomy Threads Posts Last post
Beginners Forum (21 viewing)
  A place for people new to the hobby to ask their questions and receive some helpful answers. We're here to help you.
   Moderator:  zjc26138, WOBentley, kkokkolis 
28996 458598 * Re: You Know You're A Star...
    (Mike B) - 04/16/14 01:53 AM
General Observing and Astronomy (16 viewing)
  General Observing and Amateur Astronomy topics and questions that do not fit into our other forums. This includes unaided eye observing (satellites, weather, auroras etc) and non equipment topics (LASIK, observing sites, dressing for the cold/hot etc)
   Moderator:  cildarith, panhard, tecmage 
4959 74297 * Re: Blood Moon.... had to ...
    (Heavens declare) - 04/16/14 01:11 AM
Outreach (3 viewing)
  The official forum for the Astronomy Outreach Network. Post questions about Outreach, suggestions or even just publicize your Outreach events. If it has to do with promoting our great hobby, it goes here!
   Moderator:  Cotts, tecmage 
336 3479 * Presentation at Lisle Publ...
    (magic612) - 04/16/14 12:11 AM
Light Pollution (3 viewing)
  While CN does not typically allow politics, this is one forum in which the discussion of legislation dealing with this matter is permitted. This is a problem that will eventually affect all of us to one degree or another.
   Moderator:  LivingNDixie, richard7 
958 12014 * Re: Buying a Condo, what t...
    (astronomylife) - 04/16/14 12:43 AM
Discussion about telescopes, mounts, eyepieces, etc Equipment Discussions Threads Posts Last post
ATM, Optics and DIY Forum (21 viewing)
  Amateur Telescope Making (ATM) and any do it yourself related activities. Ask questions, discuss and post pictures of telescope related projects, optics, telescopes, observing chairs, etc.
   Moderator:  ausastronomer, richard7, Starman81 
13520 204249 * Re: Goal: a 10cm APO/ED no...
    (careysub) - 04/16/14 02:23 AM
Binoculars (29 viewing)
  "Best Of Binocular" Library, How to Choose, Equipment Minireviews, Observation Reports, Testing Aspects, Aberrations and Deficiencies, Books, Binocular Mounts, Observing Lists, Exit Pupil vs Eye Pupil, Binocular Vision and more
   Moderator:  Knuklhdastrnmr, WOBentley 
11683 173095 * Re: total lunar eclipse 4/...
    (faackanders2) - 04/15/14 09:43 PM
Binoviewers (5 viewing)
  Binoviewer discussion forum
   Moderator:  TG, Geo557 
3548 38043 * Re: Astigmatism and Binovi...
    (bsavoie) - 04/16/14 01:42 AM
Cats & Casses (12 viewing)
  A forum for discussing Cassegrain (Classic Cassegrain, Ritchey-Chrétien, Dall–Kirkham, etc) and Catadioptric telescopes (Schmidt and Maksutov Cassegrains, ACF, Edge HD, etc).
   Moderator:  Cotts, Starman27, kkokkolis 
11830 176999 * Re: Celestron Rowe Ackerma...
    (rainycityastro) - 04/16/14 02:45 AM
Classic Telescopes (12 viewing)
  Telescopes from an era gone by. The place to discuss older telescopes. Antiques, flea market finds, and scopes from grandpa's attic. From the 1780's to the 1980's - refractors, reflectors, and early SCT's. Discussing all aspects of restoring, collecting, and observing with older scopes.
   Moderator:  Rich (RLTYS), Brian Risley 
8988 168753 * Re: Mysterious Royal Astro...
    (Astrojensen) - 04/16/14 03:26 AM
Equipment (27 viewing)
  A forum for any general equipment discussion, accessories and a great starting point if you are not sure where to post that burning question about equipment.
   Moderator:  zjc26138, tecmage, rflinn68 
19028 248563 * Re: my $20 chair.
    (DsoS4Life) - 04/16/14 02:44 AM
Eyepieces (38 viewing)
  A place to discuss our favorite eyepieces and eyepiece accessories, barlows, filters, etc.
   Moderator:  ausastronomer, Scott in NC, iceblaze 
22718 385444 * Re: Which EP is the one to...
    (Deep13) - 04/16/14 02:53 AM
Mounts (34 viewing)
  A Forum to discuss all types of mounts and mount accessories - including computerized, manual, GEM, fork mount, parallactic, alt-az, DSCs, PushTo and GoTo systems.
   Moderator:  Dave M, richard7, bilgebay, iceblaze 
18719 215144 * Re: FTQ capacity?
    (teelgul) - 04/16/14 03:04 AM
Observatories (8 viewing)
  A forum for discussing the ins and outs of current observatories as well as sharing designs, and ideas. Manufacturers and Vendors are invited to attend.
   Moderator:  Christopher Erickson, Mitchell Duke 
3732 82706 * Re: Humidity Control
    (TCW) - 04/15/14 11:01 PM
Reflectors (25 viewing)
  A forum for discussing Newtonian type reflecting telescopes (including Schmidt and Maksutov designs as well as Herschelian, Off-Axis, etc).
   Moderator:  ausastronomer, Phillip Creed, JayinUT, okieav8r 
15488 261737 * Re: 6” F8 Dobs verses 8” ...
    (Deep13) - 04/16/14 03:00 AM
Refractors (38 viewing)
  A forum for discussing refractor telescopes.
   Moderator:  Scott in NC, FirstSight, panhard, star drop 
19096 382502 * Re: Show us your baffles!
    (Kevin Barker) - 04/16/14 03:57 AM
Video and Electronically Assisted Astronomy (6 viewing)
  This forum is dedicated to 'semi-live' electronically assisted viewing of astronomical events and targets.
   Moderator:  csa/montana, JayinUT 
2705 34865 * Re: Lunar Eclipse in Hawai...
    (Don Rudny) - 04/16/14 03:09 AM
Discussions about the various aspects of Astrophotography and Sketching Astrophotography and Sketching Threads Posts Last post
Beginning and Intermediate Imaging (21 viewing)
  This forum is mainly intended for beginners getting started imaging as well as intermediate imagers looking to improve their technique. Typical beginning imaging equipment will include webcams, the Meade DSI and other low cost imagers. Please read the image posting guidelines before you post!
   Moderator:  Knuklhdastrnmr, fishonkevin, WOBentley, rflinn68 
19143 166951 * Re: Best Flattener for 80/...
    (josh smith) - 04/16/14 02:30 AM
Film Astrophotography (1 viewing)
  Discussions about astrophotography using film.
   Moderator:  Mitchell Duke, WOBentley 
2189 17476 * Re: Great Rift in B&W
    (TxStars) - 04/16/14 03:30 AM
DSLR & Digital Camera Astro Imaging & Processing (22 viewing)
  This forum is for DSLR & Digital Camera Astro imaging. Those folks with regular digital cameras are welcome to post here. Discuss equipment, techniques, software; and of course, post your photos! Please read the forum guidelines inside the forum for more info.
   Moderator:  Dave M, fishonkevin, WOBentley, tecmage 
28654 264153 * My pictures of the Total L...
    (jwheel) - 04/16/14 03:46 AM
CCD Imaging & Processing (31 viewing)
  A forum about CCD Imaging to include posting images, taken with CCD camera, discuss techniques, software and engage in friendly conversations. Please read the guidelines - 100K in file size and 800x800 pixels in size are the limits for images!
   Moderator:  Oldfield, Scott in NC, bilgebay, WOBentley 
26823 252847 * Re: Bricked CCD or Epic so...
    (NickK-UK) - 04/16/14 03:19 AM
Solar System Imaging & Processing (27 viewing)
  A forum to post images of the Sun, Moon, Planets and other objects winging through the Solar System. All Camera types are invited to post images and discuss techniques, software and engage in friendly competition. Please read the image posting guidelines before you post!
   Moderator:  TG, Starman81, bilgebay, WOBentley 
24762 209068 * Re: Lunar Eclipse
    (John_K) - 04/16/14 02:57 AM
Sketching (4 viewing)
  A forum for the discussion of sketching stellar objects, and displaying user drawings. Please keep file sizes under 60k, and 800x600 in resolution.
   Moderator:  cildarith, JayinUT, WOBentley 
6750 74157 * Re: Mars Observation (Apri...
    (CarlosEH) - 04/16/14 03:58 AM
Astro Imaging/Sketching Contest (3 viewing)
  This forum is to be used to submit photos for the Astro Imaging/Sketching Contest.
   Moderator:  WOBentley 
412 3289 * Re: Dec09 CN Imaging/Sketc...
    (markseibold) - 03/25/14 06:03 PM
Discussions around observations and objects observed Observing Threads Posts Last post
Solar System Observing (8 viewing)
  A friendly place to discuss planetary & solar system object observing.
   Moderator:  Rich (RLTYS), star drop, Mitchell Duke 
2364 29663 * Re: Anyone do any Mars obs...
    (Aquarellia) - 04/16/14 03:41 AM
Lunar Observing (9 viewing)
  A forum dedicated to the observation and appreciation of our Moon. Join us in the Lunie Bin and learn about the only world other than the Earth to bear the imprint of human feet. Images and sketches are most welcome. (Please limit the size of image files to 100K.)
   Moderator:  Dave Mitsky, star drop, Starman81 
4298 40417 * Re: What are you viewing t...
    (Dave Mitsky) - 04/16/14 02:37 AM
Deep Sky Observing (3 viewing)
  A dark place to discuss deep sky observing and observations
   Moderator:  Dave Mitsky, Phillip Creed, okieav8r 
6508 80282 * Re: No GOTO mount, your be...
    (David Knisely) - 04/15/14 11:02 PM
Double Star Observing (5 viewing)
  Double Stars, Rayleigh Limit and Dawes Limit; a place for observers with split personalities.
   Moderator:  PJ Anway, Rich (RLTYS), rflinn68 
2092 25371 * Re: Visual brightness of f...
    (WRAK) - 04/16/14 02:32 AM
Solar Observing and Imaging (10 viewing)
  Hot place to discuss solar observing and imaging topics
   Moderator:  Scott in NC, Phillip Creed 
22754 211082 * Re: B1200 Ha diag. and B18...
    (solarGain) - 04/16/14 02:09 AM
Variable Star Observing and Radio Astronomy (1 viewing)
  This is a forum for variable star observers and radio astronomy discussion.
   Moderator:  Rich (RLTYS) 
859 6999 * Re: m82 supernova in r'Gg'...
    (Erik Bakker) - 04/15/14 06:08 PM
Forums dedicated to specific brand telescopes Telescope Specific Forums Threads Posts Last post
Celestron NexStar (7 viewing)
  Discussion forum for Celestron computerized telescopes and mounts using NexStar technology (NexStar, NexStar GPS, CPC, etc).
   Moderator:  Brian Risley, panhard, Mitchell Duke, mayidunk 
4805 72017 * Re: Celestron NexStar Evol...
    (Peter9) - 04/16/14 03:45 AM
Questar Forum
  A forum for discussing Questar and Quantum telescopes
   Moderator:  Brian Risley 
746 7406 * Re: 48mm Brandon Eyepiece
    (ChristianG) - 04/15/14 09:19 PM
Meade LX (2 viewing)
  A forum to discuss advanced Meade scopes. Among them the ETX, LX90, LX200, LX200 GPS, RCX, and the LX200 ACF series.
   Moderator:  Starman27, Christopher Erickson, Starman81 
2101 19781 * Re: Dew heater power wire
    (Digital Don) - 04/15/14 08:26 PM
Speciality Forums Threads Posts Last post
Astronomy Shows & Conferences (13 viewing)
  A place to discuss, learn about and make plans for NEAF, Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo, imaging conferences and more.
   Moderator:  WOBentley 
204 5303 * Re: Cool new products at N...
    (George N) - 04/15/14 11:53 PM
Astro Art, Books, Websites & Other Media (2 viewing)
  A place to share your astronomy artwork (non-photographic) and *non* commercial astronomy websites and discuss astro related books, magazines, charts, movies and TV shows.
   Moderator:  Geo557, kkokkolis 
1241 16573 * Super Planet Crash
    (DigitalFox) - 04/16/14 03:13 AM
Astronomy Clubs and Star Parties
  For discussion and announcements of astronomy club meetings, star parties and other events.
   Moderator:  zjc26138, darklighteditor 
2306 72041 * Re: Goldendale Campout &am...
    (SteveRosenow) - 04/16/14 02:17 AM
Astronomy Software & Computers (10 viewing)
  This is the place to discuss all things associated with computers & gadgets, both hardware and software (including PDAs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, astronomy programs and apps, Celestron SkyScout and Meade MySky devices, etc.) -- as they relate to astronomy.
   Moderator:  richard7, kkokkolis 
4625 43951 * Re: PiAstroHub: RaspberryP...
    (anat) - 04/16/14 03:58 AM
Science! Astronomy & Space Exploration, and Others (4 viewing)
  Discuss all science topics, particularly the sciences relating to Astronomy and Space Exploration. This includes all the natural sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Geology, and Biology. They can include applied sciences such as engineering and construction as well. Wherever the scientific method is used, you can discuss it here. As always, no politics, pseudo-science, crack-pottery, or anti-science.
   Moderator:  LivingNDixie, FirstSight, JayinUT 
3859 57555 * Re: How would you define a...
    (ColoHank) - 04/16/14 12:17 AM
Space Rocks (1 viewing)
  This is the place to discuss meteorites and related subjects - including tektites, impact theories, and parent bodies. Got a question about collecting or caring for your meteorites? Ask it here.
   Moderator:  Dave M, darklighteditor 
915 9742 * Re: Admire
    (Glassthrower) - 04/15/14 06:48 PM
CN Feedback and Vendor Announcements Threads Posts Last post
Vendor and Group Announcements (8 viewing)
  A place for vendors and non-CN related organizations to post announcements.
   Moderator:  Brian Risley, bilgebay 
3326 27218 * Re: New DGM Optics Website...
    (Danman53) - 04/15/14 10:43 PM
The International Year of Astronomy 2009 is a global effort initiated by the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO to help the citizens of the world rediscover their place in the Universe through the day- and night-time sky, and thereby engage a personal sense of wonder and discovery. International Year of Astronomy 2009 - Forums are now closed. Threads Posts Last post
IYA Archive Info (1 viewing)
  IYA Info
1 2 * Re: Important announcement...
    (Greg K.) - 03/11/13 08:46 AM

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