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Cloudy Nighter Anthony Wesley "Bird" Discovers Dark Impact Mark on Jupiter

Jul 21 2009 07:06 AM | Mike/Test in Astrophotography

One of our own has discovered a dark impact mark on Jupiter. JPL and NASA have confirmed that it's an impact.

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The Frugal Astrophotographer

Apr 29 2009 08:59 AM | mathteacher in Astrophotography

There's no such thing as cheap astrophotography" is a phrase often repeated.  I beg to differ.  There is a continuum of cost in astrophotography (AP), from a tripod mounted camera shooting star

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Why Astrophotography

Oct 15 2008 04:52 AM | Guest in Astrophotography

I've been into astronomy for over 30 years which is most of my life

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Live 3D Stereoscopic Electronic Viewing

Mar 10 2008 06:41 AM | Guest in CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

3D Stereoscopic Electronic Viewing

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Video Binoviewing

Oct 11 2007 02:59 AM | Guest in CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

Many amateur astronomers are now using video cameras to observe both solar system and deep sky objects.

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First Year of Serious Astrophotography

Apr 13 2007 04:58 AM | Chuck Anstey in Astrophotography

It was one year ago that I received my SBIG ST-10XE + CFW-8a + AO-7 after finding a good deal on a used one

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Astro-Imaging: Climbing the Learning Curve

Feb 14 2007 02:36 AM | Paul Rix in Astrophotography

The purpose of this article is to illustrate the climb up the learning curve that everyone has to face when they start out in this immensely satisfying, challenging, enjoyable and yet, often rather frustrating pursuit

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Finding the Optimal Sub-frame Exposure

Feb 13 2007 02:33 AM | Chuck Anstey in Astrophotography

Finding the Optimal Sub-frame Exposure Length for Astrophotography

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Budget CCD Imaging Part IV - Deep Sky

Jan 09 2007 05:11 AM | Jim Chung in Astrophotography

CCD Imaging for the Budget Minded Novice Part IV - Deep Sky Object Imaging">

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Sub-Exposures in DSLRs

Dec 23 2006 03:30 AM | Samir Kharusi in Astrophotography

How short can we go with sub-exposures in DSLRs?

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