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CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

Live 3D Stereoscopic Electronic Viewing

Mar 10 2008 06:41 AM | Guest in CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

3D Stereoscopic Electronic Viewing

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Video Binoviewing

Oct 11 2007 02:59 AM | Guest in CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

Many amateur astronomers are now using video cameras to observe both solar system and deep sky objects.

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SBIG All Sky and Meteor Camera

May 13 2006 01:58 AM | JAT Observatory in CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

The SBIG All Sky camera is not item you will likely to find in your average astronomer's tool box

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DMK Firewire Camera for Planetary Imaging

Apr 26 2006 05:23 AM | Levi in CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

My first ventures into astroimaging involved film and the dismal results and cost of film and developing soon shut me down

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Rent-a-Scope Astrophotography Service

Jan 28 2006 03:52 AM | Tachyon77 in CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

My Adventures in Deep-Sky Photography & Rent-a-Scope

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April Reader's Gallery

Mar 25 2005 08:04 AM | CN_Admin in CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

Astrophotos from our own Cloudy Nights forum members. A monthly gallery.

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Aries 16" Modified Newtonian

Mar 23 2005 07:28 AM | APM M.Ludes in CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

Here I like to do a little review of my personal largest backyard telescope. A similar type of telescope is available from INTES MICRO in Russia , called MN165 ( 16" Maksutov Newtonian for US $ 22,900)

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Getting Started with a SAC CCD Camera

Mar 13 2005 01:17 PM | Guest in CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

The SAC imaging camera represents an easy way to break into astrophotography. The cameras are easy to use but its more advanced capabilities will provide you with years of enjoyment. This article is not meant to replace the instructions that come with the camera but instead to give you an overview of the basic setup, testing and operation of the camera. This article covers the operations of all the SAC cameras including the SACIV, SAC7, SAC7b, and for the most part, the new SAC8. The SAC8 is a highly sensitive monochrome CCD camera and it's operation differs slightly. Refer to the SAC8 instructions for the differences but mainly the shutter control as adjusted on the scre

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Digital Astrophotography Beginner's Guide

Mar 13 2005 11:10 AM | Guest in CCD Cameras and Digital Cameras

Twenty-five years ago I abandoned astronomy to pursue other interests. Today, I return to the hobby and discover a booming field ripe with technological innovation. The bad news is that everything I knew has to be learned again, the good news is that the sky is full of rewards that were unthinkable a quarter of century ago. This beginner's guide is not intended as a dazzling demonstration of good astrophotography but rather as a mundane account of my new adventures in astro-photography, complete with mistakes and growing pains. Amateur astronomy is one of the few areas where the internet has lived up to its hype: a staggering amount of free information is available on-line, shared by an enthusiastic and talented community: this article is my way to thank all those who have contributed knowledge, hardware tips and great software.. Clear skies to you! Analog or Digital? Decision Time

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