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Bitten by the Astronomy Bug and What I did About It

Mar 27 2005 11:54 AM | Guest in Beginners

I got into astronomy about a year ago. It was an interest that had been building up since I was a child. When I was about eight years old, my parents gave me a book about the Solar System. I was fascinated with that book. I loved looking at the artist renditions of the planets and the facts about our Solar System. I really wanted to see the planets for myself. Unfortunately my parents didn't have the resources for a good telescope at that time. My budding interest sat untapped for many years. I ran into a lot of pitfalls in getting my astronomy going and I thought I share some of them in hopes that you don't make the same mistakes I did. It started for me when were at a local mall and saw a telescope display in one of the "nature" stores

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Beginner's Escort to the Deep Sky Objects

Mar 27 2005 11:53 AM | Ron B[ee] in Beginners

This guide is written by a beginner Deep Sky observer for a beginner Deep Sky observer or timid observer who would like to try deep sky observing but just plain does not know where to begin or how to go about doing so. You can think of the "escort" as the "half-blind leading the blind" :}. By "Deep Sky Object" (DSO), I mean celestial object of the type open cluster, globular cluster, nebula and galaxy. Believe me; as a beginner too, I know how you feel and the intimidation of DSOs.

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Meade 12.5" Dob (a beginners perspective)

Mar 22 2005 03:43 PM | Guest in Beginners

The telescope came with a telrad finder, 10x50 finder, and 2 Meade series 4000 eyepieces for $1000. Originally it just came with the telrad, but I negotiated adding the 10x50. The best part? It was already assembled!!! The telescope came equipped with inadequate feet to provide a solid foundation and it was quite wobbly.

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No Money Needed

Mar 14 2005 06:36 AM | Guest in Beginners

If you are a beginner astronomer reading this, then obviously you have all of the prerequisites to starting your new and intriguing hobby of astronomy. Many people tend to either go out and buy a cheap telescope, get frustrated and quit… or buy a relatively expensive scope, realize that knowing how to operate the telescope is only half the battle and quit. I want to convey the message that for anybody starting out, there is a sure fire way to get interested in astronomy without spending ANY money at all. Not

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New Urban Astronomer: I've seen the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. Now What?

Mar 14 2005 06:34 AM | Guest in Beginners

Hello, my name is Kevin Harris I'm a new amateur astronomer. I live in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota where I do 95% of my observing right from my backyard. Before I go into what I've learned as a beginning urban astronomer, let me tell you a few things about myself. I'm a 39-year-old engineer who has always had an interest in astronomy and in fact, owned a 4 ¼ inch Newtonian reflector since the age of 14. I used that

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Keep Looking Up

Mar 13 2005 04:42 PM | Shmals in Beginners

It was a cool, fall night when I was laying outside on the trampoline and I saw something "ZIP" across the sky, what was that I thought to myself, not knowing at the time. I stayed out all-night and watched what I thought were UFO's zipping around the night sky. For months I did not think about that night but one day when I was surfing the net I saw a picture of Jupiter through a 4.5inch APO and WOW I was so hooked at that moment on. I then realized that I wanted to buy a telescope, so I could see Jupiter through my own telescope.

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The not so faint fuzzies (and other bright and obvious things) for beginners. Learn the basics a...

Mar 13 2005 04:34 PM | Guest in Beginners

My name is Craig Schriever. I live in Waldwick, New Jersey. I have been involved in Astronomy for a about seven years. This column will be geared mostly to beginners in Astronomy and concentrate on objects in our skies that may be interesting to those who are new to the addiction!

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