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Used Equipment on the Web

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I must admit I’m hooked.

Yes, I am hooked on the E-used astro-equipment market. Yes, I know I have all the equipment I need. At least that’s what one part of me tells myself. There is however that other self, the other person who lives inside my astro-minded brain. This other ego that seems to control some undue and never ending influence over me when I am on the web. It’s not me, I swear.

Invariably, the voice comes to me, “Let’s check it out… see what’s new in the listings”. It’s like an irresistible Siren song. Someone please, strap me to the mainmast. Odysseus, I know what you went through. Unfortunately, stuffing my ears will not help. Often I think that before entering one of these sites or pages, Dante’s warning should paraphrased and be displayed, “Abandon sanity all ye who enter here”.

Maddening it is, barely before the page finishes loading the other me has already noticed the ad count, whether it has changed, what categories they are. Like the proverbial moth I am drawn to them first. What’s this? A category’s ad count has not changed. “Check it out, you might have missed something” comes the voice. Missed something? “Whaaat, I’ve already seen the list.” Ah, but the doubt still seeps in from the questioning voice. Refractors, eyepieces, barlows, mounts. There may be something you need. Look, “there is something you need” the voice says. “That’s a pretty sweet deal you are looking at”. Hmmm, the real me is thinking. Yes, that would be a nice scope to have, but I already have a 4” refractor. “Who cares” the voice says “You’ve always wanted one with a longer focal length and there it is”. “You can afford it”, the voice continues, because I know you can”. Alas, he has me. The voice knows what I know. I can hide nothing from him. The knowledge of the ads I have looked at, the secret yearnings for certain equipment are used against me with precise timing and effect. “Look a Nagler, wouldn’t it be great to add that bad boy in your case”.

Now I have often sworn to myself that I will look at not one more ad for used equipment, but with all the guilt of a New Years Day ex-smoker I cave in. Now am I beyond hope? “Not yet” I tell myself. There are plenty of people on CN that have caved more then me and somehow knowing this gives me some comfort. I fight the good fight and resist for the most part, however the other voice gets me going daily to the lists. Maybe I should start a self–help group, but then I’d have to admit I have a problem and I don’t have a problem. That voice in my head has the problem.

Now if I could only get this voice to start talking to someone who wants to get me a birthday present. “Give yourself a birthday present” Hmmm, let’s check it out.


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