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General Binocular Recommendations for Astronomy

Mar 13 2007 05:14 AM | EdZ in Binoculars

General Binocular Recommendations for Astronomy

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Testing Binocolars in the Store

Feb 12 2007 03:16 AM | EdZ in Binoculars

Testing Binoculars in the Store Before Buying

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These Binoculars Look the Same. Are They?

Nov 03 2006 07:16 AM | EdZ in Binoculars

I can’t count how many times I have seen this question come up! So, to help everyone become a better informed buyer, I’ve compiled this short summary of some possible quality differences, some that cannot easily be seen on the outside.

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Bad Binocular Advice

Mar 28 2006 02:37 AM | StarStuff1 in Binoculars

It was the late 1950s when I first became interested in the night sky

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Bear 15x70 Binocular Minor Collimation Procedures

Mar 17 2005 10:19 AM | starpal in Binoculars

The typical (and usually very simple) collimation procedure for the 15x70 BEAR binoculars is often as an easy operation. One notable exception to this is when the binoculars are in gross misalignment. Gross misalignment is easily determined when the large circle of light beamed through the eyepiece end, as viewed _from_ the objective end, is noted as significantly off center of the binoculars internals. In other words, this large disc of light (which is the same exact thing as

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Binocular Astronomy

Mar 14 2005 07:01 AM | Daniel Mounsey in Binoculars

With so many books on the market today, it's becoming increasingly difficut to figure out which ones are the best. We've all viewed photos of the Orion Nebula and the Andromeda galaxy so many times that soon one begins to wonder if anyone talks about anything else. Although they are truly magnificent objects there are many other interesting targets and areas of the sky to view.

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Which Binoculars will give you maximum Star Counts?

Mar 12 2005 11:56 AM | BarrySimon615 in Binoculars

This question has always intrigued me. I have always been a “wide field/richest field” fan. Given good image quality at the field edge, I prefer as wide a field as possible with both telescopes and binoculars. I can see more “stuff” astronomically and terrestially.

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Telescope vs. Binoculars: Which Shows Faint Objects the Best?

Mar 12 2005 11:41 AM | StarStuff1 in Binoculars

Take a pair of binoculars and a telescope of the same aperture and magnification and compare them on objects in the night sky. This is a project that I had contemplated for a long time. Phil Harrington, in his book Touring the Universe Through Binoculars, said “Our power of resolution and ability to detect faint objects are dramatically improved by using both eyes. In addition, color perception and contrast are both improved.” Overall, Harrington and many other writers in the astronomical field claim a 10-40% improvement in color perception and contrast.

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Star, Bars & Waves, Resolution of binocuars as a function of exit pupil

Mar 12 2005 11:39 AM | Guest in Binoculars

As a keen and active member of the Cloudy Nights Binocular Forum you may realise that I have a special interest in many aspects of binoculars. A few months ago , a long -running "discussion" I was involved with over on the Astromart forums , that included input from Ed Zarenski , was focussed specifically on the various real and apparant effects on resolution , governed by varying objective diameters and exit -pupils.

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