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Broke Back Solutions #2: How to make big heavy scopes easy to move

Apr 19 2012 11:50 AM | tomharri in How to . . .

Here is my solution for a one trip, everything at once, no heavy lifting, already set-up to go, scope.

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How to Calculate the Focal Length of an SCT

Mar 19 2010 06:33 AM | EdZ in How to . . .

This question comes up fairly often, particularly when people are interested in knowing the actual magnification they are using while viewing with an SCT. It has come up in

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Project Box - Battery Holder for Celestron CG5 Controller

Dec 22 2009 09:25 AM | Guest in How to . . .

The battery holder that comes with the telescope mount is a light plastic bag which contains a four-battery holder and some wire that are only lightly attached. I do not like this contraption so I redesigned my own

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Convert Any Flashlight to a Night Vision Ready Red

Dec 17 2009 11:56 AM | Guest in How to . . .

As many astronomy gazers might discover, dark adaption is the utmost priority in viewing the night sky. And, unless you're

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How to Build an Economical "Double-Stack" Finder

Dec 17 2009 09:49 AM | Zamboni in How to . . .

As many astronomers know, no single type of finderscope can be considered the end-all and be-all of sighting equipment. Many observers have multiple sighting devices on a single telescope. One of the most common combinations is the

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Connecting RoboFocus to CCD Soft

Dec 08 2009 07:24 AM | Awesomelenny in How to . . .

I have had the frustrations in connecting RoboFocus with CCD Soft in the setup. Even though CCD Soft does have RoboFocuser in its pull-down menu, the user like me is confronted with a nagging error message in CCD Soft saying it Failed to connect to Focuser! After I got this to work, I documented it.

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Passive Tool Collimation and the Newtonian

Aug 25 2009 04:45 AM | Starman1 in How to . . .

Collimation is the alignment of the optical parts of a telescope. Though lining up the secondary under the focuser is essential for uniform illumination of the field of view, there are only two alignments in collimation: the focuser axis (done by adjusting the secondary mirror), and the Primary Axis (done by adjusting the primary mirror).

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Modifying a Mirror Cell to Support a Royce Conical Newtonian Mirror

Aug 06 2009 07:57 AM | deSitter in How to . . .

The Royce conical mirrors represent a great advance in Newtonian mirror technology

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How-to Make an Alt-az Pipe Mount

Feb 20 2009 06:29 AM | mathteacher in How to . . .

Why make an alt-az pipe mount?

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Modification of the Meade LXD55/75 Polar Finder

Feb 12 2009 12:15 AM | Guest in How to . . .

Modification of Meade Polar Finder

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