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Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)

Cooling Fan for a 12" Dob

Apr 15 2008 07:47 AM | tannehill in Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)

This describes my installation of a cooling and boundary-layer scrubbing fan on my Bintel 302 mm Dobsonian telescope

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Building a Schiefspiegler

Sep 27 2007 02:15 AM | Bill Cheng in Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)

A Further Improved 4.25 Inch Unobstructed Oblique Reflector

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Update on ATM 16" Ultra-compact Dob

Feb 22 2007 03:16 AM | Guest in Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)

Update on My 16" UltraCompact/Ultra-Light Dob

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Oct 31 2006 05:08 AM | Guest in Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)

Most amateurs these days seem to want a goto scope, and those of us who are into ccd imaging all lust after the AP 1200’s and the Paramounts of the world

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ATM: My Classical Cassegrain

Sep 26 2006 06:18 AM | Lusty in Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)

The first and last Classical Cassegrain telescope I made was a 12.5-inch f/4 – f/16 system that had a 3.5-inch secondary

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How to ATM an Economical Focuser

Mar 07 2006 04:46 AM | John Jarosz in Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)

I've been looking at helical focusers for a while now as I wanted to use one in the scope I'm designing. One that caught my eye is from a website in Canada. It seems the man behind this particular design is no longer making them or at least is on hiatus.

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ATM: 16" Ultra-compact Dob

Jul 29 2005 09:12 AM | Guest in Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)

I went with a Kineoptics HC-2 focuser, which is a very light, precision focuser with zero image shift. I do intend to use a binoviewer with this scope and I know it's going to be a bit of a hassle with a helical focuser, but the much lower weight of the HC-2 was more important

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ATM: Boy Scout Ball Scope

Jul 28 2005 03:58 AM | sdskygazer in Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)

The prototype proved that a light-diffuser based ball telescope is feasible. But, is it scaleable to an 8 inch mirror, without the use of exotic materials? Checking with Mag-1, I notice that their 8 inch f6 uses a 16 inch ball.

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ATM: 12.5" Open-tubed Classical Cassegrain

Jul 26 2005 12:12 PM | Guest in Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)

The primary mirror refiguring was no different than a normal parabolic mirror, except that it had a hole in the center! The subdiameter lap that I made was made just large enough that it could be pressed

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ATM: Little Bear - 6" f/8 Travel Dob

Jul 25 2005 02:44 AM | Guest in Amateur Telescope Making (ATM)

As a girl growing up in the fifties, I'd not even been permitted to take shop, and my woodworking skills were somewhere between rudimentary and nonexistant. I still missed a 6" Dob I'd sold because it was too big, though, and I'd always wanted to make a mirror.

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