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Homemade Sun Finder

Watching sunspots grow and fade as they cross the surface of the sun has been allot of fun for me. I’ll haul out my dob for a quick peak sun when the surface is active. Most of the time it takes a frustratingly long time to locate the sun. By the time I do find the sun my OTA has heated up an the image is poor. So I set about finding a way to quickly locate the sun.

My homemade sun finder works perfect every time. It only takes a few seconds to locate the sun in the eyepiece. And it was very simple to build.

Here is how to make one for your telescope.

The first decision is whether to permanently mount the sun finder or make it removable. I chose removable for my scope since I cover and transport it allot. You will need to figure out how you will be mounting it to your scope before you begin and then work backwards from that point. This is where you will need to be creative the rest of the design is the same for any telescope. You will need two CDs (preferably AOL), a 9" long 1/4" metal rod threaded on both ends and four nuts. Using a power drill and a 1/4" bit drill a hole through both CDs (stacked) 1/2" from the outside edge. Place a nut on either side of the CD while attaching the CD to each end of the threaded rod. Once everything is snugged up you can attach it to the telescope by what ever means you choose and align it like a finder scope parallel to the OTA. I found it best to find the sun in the eyepiece by the old method I had used then align the sun finder and mount it in that position. It has always been spot on after that. At this point I decided to paint my homemade sun finder to match my scope. And I added a red piece of s**** plastic to the sun target end so it would be easier to see.


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