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Custom Observatory

Jan 26 2010 08:07 AM | Guest in Observatories

Several reasons prompted the construction of my observatory. First was convenience, being able to eliminate set-up time made it more likely that I would

Author name: Lee Maisler
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Refining You Home Observing Site

Aug 09 2007 05:50 AM | Guest in Observatories

Why Do It-Where Do It-How It's Done

Author name: Roland Beard
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A Down-Home Farm Observatory

Dec 17 2005 03:05 AM | darkskyfarm in Observatories

The cooler, late summer breezes that lazily flow across the fields surrounding the old farm we live on are most welcome

Author name: John Mills
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Star Shooter Mobile Observatory

Nov 19 2005 02:05 AM | Guest in Observatories

One man's Obsession; another man's nightmare

Author name: Merlin Raymond
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A Dream Night in the Observatory: The Moon

Jul 06 2005 07:53 AM | JimP in Observatories

I always enjoy getting to the observatory ahead of time. I like observing in the evening to early morning and, I like getting up early to observe as long as I have some significant observing time before dawn.

Author name: Jim Phillips
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The Stargate Observatory

Jul 06 2005 07:22 AM | ScottAz in Observatories

While the school's observatory would have to hold at least twenty students, the prototype only needed room for four or five. One club member had a brainstorm. While looking at the horizon through our tripod-mounted NexStar 11, she walked a full circle as another student marked the radius of her path.

Author name: Scott Azmus
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The Ultimate Accessory - The Construction of Dunham Hill Observatory

Jul 18 2005 09:01 AM | Mike Lewis in Observatories

As amateur astronomers, most folks think we are nuts trudging out in the cold or bug ridden night to set-up our scopes. We do this out of our love for the night skies. At some point, I think we all dream of a permanent place to pursue our passion

Author name: Mike Lewis
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